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Jan Hlavacek (SVSU)
Jan Hlavacek (SVSU) is a collaborator on projects that contain the following public CoCalc documents:
PathDescriptionLast Edited
Parametric_surfaces.sagewsParametric surfaces homework for Calc 3
Calc 3 3d surface traces.sagewsUsing traces to identify surfaces
test_case_highlighting.sagewsTest case for highlighting
223/svd.ipynbClass example of singular value decomposition
vector_curves.sagewsMath 261 Fall 2015, Homework 1 help
Math223Wi16/Determinants and permutations/dets_perms_turnin.htmlJupyter html version of Math223Wi16/Determinants and permutations/dets_perms_turnin.ipynb
Math223Wi16/Determinants and permutations/dets_perms_turnin.ipynbJupyter notebook Math223Wi16/Determinants and permutations/dets_perms_turnin.ipynb
16_2_1.sagewsSolution for 16.2 #1