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Kristin McCully
Kristin McCully is a collaborator on projects that contain the following public CoCalc documents:
PathDescriptionLast Edited
Public worksheets/Lecture slides - Spring 2020Lecture slides for UCLA LS 30B, Spring 2020
Public worksheets/UCLA LS 30Public worksheets for UCLA's Mathematics for Life Scientists course
Assignments W20 (make a copy in your sandbox!)/Lab 5 - Paired Data with pandas.ipynb
Assignments W20 (make a copy in your sandbox!)/Lab 3 - Quantifying Uncertainty Lec 2.ipynb
TA Sandbox/Daniel Sun/ls30_cookbookLS30 Cookbook
dsun_sb/labs/Lab 9 - Power_edited.ipynb
TA Sandbox/Tianran Zhang/lab3.sagews
Linear Approx to Nonlinear - Sara.sagews
LA Sandbox/Tim's Worksheets/EEB162Disc2.sagews
LS 30B W18 NOW/CO2-Model-Interactive-Demo.sagews
LS 30A F17 NOW/Lac Operon Interactive.sagews
Lab 9/Lab9-turnin.sagews
Lab 9/Lab9-turnin.sagews
Lab 9/Lab9-turnin.sagews
Final Project/project-turnin.sagews
Gaurav's workshop/Gaurav's exercise.sagews
Lab 03/Lab03-turnin.sagews
LS 30B/diagonalization.sagews
LS 30B/scratch_KMM.sagews
TA Sandbox/Daniel's Sandbox/HW5-P2.sagewsHW5-p2, spring 2016
Lab 03/Lab03-turnin.sagews
Lab 1/Lab1-turnin.sagews
Lab 05[email protected]
LS30B W17/diagonalization.sagews