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Julian Rüth
Julian Rüth is a collaborator on projects that contain the following public CoCalc documents:
PathDescriptionLast Edited
Try-Python3-based-SageMath-in-Jupyter.ipynbTry Python3-based SageMath in Jupyter
Polyhedra.ipynbPolyhedra as done at Software Tools for Mathematics, Koper 2018
Circular Primes.ipynbCircular Primes as done at Software Tools For Mathematics Koper 2018
Use-Python3-based-SageMath-in-a-CoCalc-project.mdUse Python3-based SageMath in CoCalc
README.mdInvitation to try Python3-based SageMath in CoCalc
PythonLoopsToFunctions.ipynbPython - Software Carpentry at Koper 2018
MCLF/test/keypolys.sagewsStrange error in explicit example
höhere_Verzweigungsgruppen/Example 3.6. - Conductors .sagewsWild Conductor of Elliptic Curves
main_project/semistable_reduction/picard/Picard_example1.sagews.htmlComputation of some conductor exponents for Picard curves
main_project/semistable_reduction/picard/Picard_example1.sagewsComputation of conductor exponent for some Picard curves