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Raazesh Sainudiin
Raazesh Sainudiin is a collaborator on projects that contain the following public CoCalc documents:
PathDescriptionLast Edited
2015-10-25-165503.sagews Supporting Code (2015, 2016 UNLICENSED by Raazesh Sainudiin) for The Transmission Process: A Combinatorial Stochastic Process for the Evolution of Transmission Trees over Networks, UCDMS Research Report 2016/1, Raazesh Sainudiin and David Welch, July 2016
FullLikelihoodInferenceSFS.sagewsFull Likelihood Inference Procedure based on SFS
3DEuclideanSpace_1MSongsKMeansClustering.sagewsThis is a sageMath Worksheet accompaniment for the Apache Spark databricks notebook in Scala for understanding the K-Means clustering on a small sample of the 1M Songs data used in the course on Scalable Data Engineering Science available freely from
KMeansClusters10003DFeatures_loudness-tempologDuration_Of1MSongsKMeansfor_015_sds2-2.csvThe accompanying small dataset for the notebook at:
KMeansClusters10003DFeatures_loudness-tempoDuration_Of1MSongsKMeansfor_015_sds2-2.csvThe accompanying small dataset for the notebook at: