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Jake Stokes
Jake Stokes is a collaborator on projects that contain the following public CoCalc documents:
PathDescriptionLast Edited
FizzBuzz.ipynbJupyter notebook FizzBuzz.ipynb
Staycation_Project.ipynbJupyter notebook Staycation_Project.ipynb
Staycation_Project.htmlJupyter html version of Staycation_Project.ipynb
TB Project.htmlJupyter html version of TB Project.ipynb
TB Project.ipynbJupyter notebook TB Project.ipynb
Bubble Sort.htmlJupyter html version of Bubble Sort.ipynb
Bubble Sort.ipynbJupyter notebook Bubble Sort.ipynb
Fibonnacci_numbers.htmlJupyter html version of Fibonnacci_numbers.ipynb
Fibonnacci_numbers.ipynbJupyter notebook Fibonnacci_numbers.ipynb
FizzBuzz.htmlJupyter html version of FizzBuzz.ipynb