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Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith is a collaborator on projects that contain the following public CoCalc documents:
PathDescriptionLast Edited
Calculus II/Collected Labs/MAT272_Collected_Labs.pdf
Calculus II/2018FA/Final Exam Review Problems/FinalExamReviewProbs.pdf
Calculus II/Course Slides/Section 7.1 Slides.slides.html
Calculus II/2018FA/Labs/Section 6.4 Worksheet/Section 6.4 Worksheet.pdf
Calculus II/2018FA/Labs/Section 6.3 Worksheet/Section 6.3 Worksheet.pdf
Calculus II/2018FA/Exams/Exam I/Exam I.pdf
Calculus II/Integral Table/Integral Table.pdf
Calculus II/Worksheets/Worksheet Solutions/5.2 Worksheet Solutions/5.2_WS_Solutions.pdfSolutions to 5.2 Worksheet
Animations/Squeeze Theorem Animation.sagews
Exams/18SU/Unit I Exam/Unit I Exam.pdf
18SU/Exams/Unit IV Take-Home Exam/Unit IV Take-Home Exam.tex
18SU/Exams/Unit III Exam/Exam III.pdf
Labs/Collected Labs/MAT271_Collected_Labs.pdf
Exams/18SU/Unit I Exam/18SU_E1_plot1-eps-converted-to.pdfThis is the graph of f(x) from the 18SU MAT 271 Unit I Exam.
MAT 271 Slides/Section 1.4 Slides/section1.4Slides.pdf
MAT 271 Slides/Section 1.2 Slides/section1.2Slides.pdf
MAT 271 Slides/Section 0.5-1.1Slides.pdf
Labs/Section 1.3_1.4 Lab/Section1.3_1.4_Lab.pdf
Labs/Section 1.5_1.6 Lab/Section1.5_1.6_Lab.pdf
Labs/Chapter 4 So Far/Chapter_4_So_Far.pdf
Labs/Section 3.5 - Optimization/Section_3.5_Lab.pdf
Labs/Section 3.1-3.3 Lab/Section 3.1-3.3_Lab.pdf
Labs/Section 2.4-2.5 Lab/Section2.4_2.5_Lab.pdf
Labs/Section 0.5 - 1.2 Lab/Section0.5_1.2_Lab.pdf
Exams/18SP Final Exam - Part 2/18SP Final Exam - Part II.pdf
Exams/18SP Final Exam - Part 1/18SP Final Exam - Part I.pdf
Labs/Chapter 4 So Far/signedAreaGraph-eps-converted-to.pdf
Exams/18SP Unit III Exam/Unit III Exam.pdf
Exams/18SP Unit III Exam/signChartFillIn.svg
Exams/Unit I Exam - Solutions/Unit I Exam - Solutions.pdf
Labs/Section 2.4-2.5 Lab/Section 2.4-2.5 Lab Solutions/Section2.4_2.5_Lab Solutions.pdf
Labs/Section 1.5_1.6 Lab/Section 1.5-1.6 Lab Solutions/Section1.5_1.6_Lab_Solutions.pdf
Labs/Section 1.3 – 1.4 Lab/Section 1.3 – 1.4 Lab.pdf
Labs/Jan. 17 Snow Day Assignment/Jan. 17 Snow Day Assignment Solutions/Jan. 17 Snow Day Assignment Solutions.pdf
Labs/Section 0.5 - 1.2 Lab/Section 0.5-1.2 Lab Solutions/Section0.5_1.2_Lab_Solutions.pdf
Labs/Jan. 17 Snow Day Assignment/Jan. 17 Snow Day Assignment.pdf
Labs/1/17/2018 Snow Day/1/17/plot2.svg
Labs/1/17/2018 Snow Day/1/17/plot1.svg