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John Hoggard
John Hoggard is a collaborator on projects that contain the following public CoCalc documents:
PathDescriptionLast Edited
Sage Intros
Chap13/Normal and Binormal.sagewsExample from 13.3: Plotting T, N, B, and the osculating circle
Differential Equations/Sage/SageIntro.sagewsIntroduction to Sage for Differential Equations
HWK3Soln.sagewsSolutions to Sage problem for Homework 3, EUP Math 275, Spring 2015
Chapter 15/S15-3Example.sagews
Chap14/Contours.sagewsContour plot example from class on 2/15
Chapter 16/Parametric Surfaces Solutions.sagewsSome solutions to the parametric surface exercises from EUP Calc III, Spring 2016 (Hoggard)
Chapter 16/S16-1Vector Fields.sagews
Chapter 16/Parametric Surfaces.sagewsSome brief exercises on parametrizing surfaces. EUP Calculus III, Spring 2016 (Hoggard)
Part 3 Integrals/RiemannSums.sagewsAn example of using Sage to compute a left-hand, right-hand, and midpoint Riemann sum.
Sage Day 2/Sage Assignment 2 Solution.sagews
Finding Inverses.sagews
Calculus In Sage.sagewsA few examples of doing Calculus with Sage.
Candy bowl/Candy Bowl Computation.sagewsA computation from a talk given on 4/2/16 at the Allegheny Mountain Section of the MAA annual meeting.