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\title{\vspace{-2.9cm}Vegan Zucchini Parmezan}
\author{Hal Snyder}

\begin{recipe}{Vegan Zucchini Parmesan}{12 portions}{1 hour}
\freeform{Nutritional yeast takes the place of parmesan cheese in this vegan recipe.}
\Ingredient{4 tsp grapeseed or olive oil}
Heat oil in a large pot. I use a 6-qt multicooker set to "brown".
\Ingredient{1 medium sweet white onion}
Chop and add to hot oil. Stir frequently.
\Ingredient{2 large poblano peppers}
Chop the peppers and add to the hot oil. Keep stirring.
\Ingredient{1 cup chopped mushrooms}
Add mushrooms to hot ingredients and continue browning for about 5 minutes.
\Ingredient{6 cups (1\fr12 lb) zucchini} 
Peel (optional) and slice zucchini and add. Continue browning for another couple minutes. Reduce heat to simmer. Stir in the remaining ingredients.
\Ingredient{2 large tomatoes}
Chop and add.
\Ingredient{24 oz jar of pasta sauce}
Look for a brand with 200 mg or less of sodium and 60 calories or less per \fr12-cup serving.
\Ingredient{3 Tbsp nutritional yeast}
\Ingredient{1 to 2 cups water}
Add enough water to bring liquid level to top of vegetables. Cook at slow-cook setting for 30 minutes. Then simmer for another 30 minutes or more.


\item{Mushrooms may be white, baby portobellos, or shiitake.}
\item{Jalapeño peppers for poblano.}
\item{Eggplant or patty pan squash for zucchini.}

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