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Lab 1 Hydrogen Spectroscopy Notebook Template

Pre-Lab Exercises

Due at the start of lab on Mon/Tues, Jan 16/17. You may perform your calculations right here in Python, or do the calculations on paper and show them to your TA.

  1. Calculate the wavelengths of the Balmer α\alpha, β\beta, γ\gamma, and δ\delta lines in hydrogen and deuterium. Are these lines actually visible?
  2. Calculate the isotope shifts λHλD\lambda_H - \lambda_D of the Balmer α,β,γ\alpha,\beta,\gamma and δ\delta lines.

Mon/Tues, January 16/17

Place your notes, data, and analysis here...and maybe even a photo or sketch of your experimental setup.

Just to illustrate how to insert an image, I am including the figure from the lab guide here:

Plans for next time

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Wed/Thurs, January 18/19

Mon/Tues, January 23/24

Wed/Thurs, January 25/26