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groups = """DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 36912 903 A Alg PD Admin Algona Police Administration Law Talk Auburn Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 37008 909 A Abur PD Admi Auburn Police Administration Law Talk 40080 9c9 A Abur Pub Saf Auburn Public Safety Law Talk Bellevue Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 20256 4f2 A Bell ? Bellevue ? Schools 20912 51b A Bell CityW1 Citywide 1 Interop 20880 519 A Bell CityW2 Citywide 2 Interop 20592 507 A Bell ECS Electronics Communications Service Public Works 20272 4f3 A Bell Golf Mt Golf Course Maintenance Public Works 20240 4f1 A Bell Main Maintenance Public Works 21264 531 A BPD Train Police - Training Law Talk 17744 455 A Bell SchBuse School - Buses Schools 17776 457 A Bell SchComn School - Common Schools 17712 453 A Bell SchSEc School - Security Schools 17680 451 A Bell SchMain Schools - Maintenance Schools 17648 44f A Bell SchNet1 Schools - NET1 Schools 17616 44d A Bell SchNet2 Schools - NET2 Schools 17584 44b A Bell SchWide Schools - Wide Schools 20368 4f9 A Bell Streets Streets Public Works 20400 4fb A Bell St Dsp Streets - Dispatch Public Works 20624 509 A Bell Trans Transportation Transportation 20464 4ff A Bell WA Sew Water & Service Public Works 20432 4fd A Bell Wtr Dsp Water - Dispatch Public Works 20496 501 A Bell PW Code Works - CODE Public Works 20560 505 A Bell PW Srvy Works - Survey Crews Public Works 20528 503 A Bell PW TTac Works - Trans Tactical Public Works Black Diamond Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 33360 825 A Black DiamAD Administration Law Talk 33296 821 A Black DiamPS Police Law Talk Bothell Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 20144 4eb A Bot Parks Parks Public Works 20208 4ef A BotPD Disp Police - Dispatch Law Dispatch 17808 459 A BotPd Invest Police - Investigations Law Talk 17840 45b A BotPd Rec Police - Records Law Talk 20176 4ed A BotPd Tac Police - Tactical Law Tac Business Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 61712 f11 A PS BlodCntrs Puget Sound Blood Centers Business Clyde Hill Police Department Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 20048 4e5 A CH Pnts C/C Clyde Hill / Points Car to Car Law Talk Des Moines Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 37104 90f A Des PD Admin Police - Administration Law Talk Duvall Talkgroups Duvall PD is dispatched by Redmond PD on talkgroup 18544 - "David 8xx" units. DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 32784 801 A Duv CityWide Citywide Interop 32816 803 A Duv PS Public Safety Law Talk Eastside Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 21648 549 A ESPW Maint Maintenance Common Public Works Eastside Police Agencies Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 21904 559 A ENTF1 Eastside Narcotics Task Force 1 Law Tac 21872 557 A ESPD Intop1 Eastside Police Agencies Interoperation 1 Law Talk 21840 555 A ESPD Intop2 Eastside Police Agencies Interoperation 2 Law Talk 21808 553 A ESPD Intop3 Eastside Police Agencies Interoperation 3 Law Talk 21776 551 A ESPD Intop4 Eastside Police Agencies Interoperation 4 Law Talk Eastside Public Safety Communications Agency Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 21616 547 A EPSCA Eastside Public Safety Communications Agency Public Works Enumclaw Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 32048 7d3 A Encaw Fire Enumclaw Fire Dispatch 10 Fire Dispatch 29808 747 A Encaw PD Dis Enumclaw Police Dispatch Law Dispatch 32080 7d5 A EncawFireTac Enumclaw Tac Fire 11 Fire-Tac Federal Way Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 32912 809 A FW Citywide Citywide Multi-Tac 29200 721 A FWPD Admin Police - Administration Law Talk 32880 807 A FW Pub Safe Public Safety Law Talk 35408 8a5 A FWPS Admin Schools - Administration Schools 35120 893 A FWPS Sec Pri Schools - Security Security 35440 8a7 A FWPS SEC Tac Schools - Security Tactical Security Harborview Hospital Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 35952 8c7 A HarVew Call Calling Business 35856 8c1 A HarVew Ops HMC-2 Business 35920 8c5 A HarVew Hmc4 HMC-4 Business 35664 8b5 A HarVew Multi Hospital Multigroup Business 35888 8c3 A HarVew House Housekeeping Business 35792 8bd A HarVew Pro Project Business 35728 8b9 A HarVew Sec Security Security 35696 8b7 A HarVew Tac1 Tactical 1 Security 35760 8bb A HarVew Tac Tactical 2 Security Highline Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 35152 895 A HL Schools Schools Schools 35344 8a1 A Hl SchoolBus School - Buses Transportation 35376 8a3 A HL SchoolMin Schools - Maintenance Schools Hospital Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 61776 f15 A Airlift Nw Airlift NW EMS Dispatch 60848 edb A Auburn Genl Auburn General Hospital 60880 edd A Chldrn Hosp Childrens Hospital 60944 ee1 A Evgrgrn Hosp Evergreen Hospital 60976 ee3 A Grp Hlth-E Group Health East Hospital 61008 ee5 A Grp Hlth-Sea Group Health Seattle Hospital 61040 ee7 A Harborview Harborview Hospital 61072 ee9 A HighlineHosp Highline Hospital 61680 f0f A Hosp Common Hospital Common Hospital 61840 f19 A MedCom 2 Medcom 2 EMS-Tac 61808 f17 A MedCom Cntrl Medcom Control EMS-Talk 61104 eeb A NW Hosp Northwest Hospital 61136 eed A Overlk Hosp Overlake Hospital 61168 eef A Proivd Hosp Providence Hospital 61264 ef5 A St Fran Hosp St Francis Hospital 61488 f03 A Stevens Hosp Stevens Memorial Hospital 61328 ef9 A Swedish Hosp Swedish Hospital 61296 ef7 A SwedishBlrd Swedish - Ballard Hospital 61360 efb A UW Hosp University of Washington Hospital 61424 eff A Valley Med Valley Medical Center Hospital 61392 efd A Veterns Hosp Veterans Hospital 61456 f01 A VM Hosp Virginia Mason Hospital Issaquah Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 19536 4c5 A Iss CityWide Citywide Interop 22320 573 A IFD Disp Fire Dispatch 3 (No longer used) Deprecated 19600 4c9 A Iss Parks Parks Public Works 19888 4db A IPD Disp Police - Dispatch Law Dispatch 19824 4d7 A IPD Tac 1 Police - Tactical 1 Law Tac 19792 4d5 A IPD Tac 2 Police - Tactical 2 Law Tac Kent Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 43024 a81 A Kent City Kent City Interop 41040 a05 A Kent ECC Kent Emergency Coordination Center Emergency Ops 38832 97b A Kent FD Adm Kent Fire Administration Fire-Talk 38864 97d A Kent FD Prev Kent Fire Prevention Fire-Talk 41264 a13 A Kent Parks1 Kent Parks 1 Public Works 41232 a11 A Kent Pks Eoc Kent Parks Emergency Coordination Center Emergency Ops 37200 915 A Kent PD Adm Kent Police Administration Law Talk 40144 9cd A Kent PS Kent Public Safety Law Talk 43856 ab5 A Kent SD Mat Kent Schools Maintenance Schools 43600 aa5 A Kent SchOps Kent Schools Operations Schools 43728 aad A Kent SchSec Kent Schools Security Schools 43792 ab1 A Kent SD Tra1 Kent Schools Transportation 1 Schools 43824 ab3 A Kent SD Tra2 Kent Schools Transportation 2 Schools 43760 aaf A Kent SD TraB Kent SchoolsTransportation B Schools King County Emergency Operations Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 22864 595 A KC Emr Mgt1 Emergency Management Zone 1 Emergency Ops 22896 597 A KC Emr Mgt3 Emergency Management Zone 3 Emergency Ops 22928 599 A KC Emr Mgt4 Emergency Management Zone 4 Emergency Ops 22960 59b A KC Emr Mgt5 Emergency Management Zone 5 Emergency Ops 22736 58d A KCEOC-Ops Emergency Operations Center Operations Emergency Ops 22768 58f A KCEOC-Common Emergency Operations Management Common Emergency Ops 22800 591 A KCEOCUW SEIS EOC UW SEIS Emergency Ops 63504 f81 A IMS-All Incident Management System - All Interop 63536 f83 A IMS-N Incident Management System - North Interop 63568 f85 A IMS-S Incident Management System - South Interop 63120 f69 A KC All Gov Interop All Local Government Interop 63056 f65 A KC LocGov N Interop North Local Government Interop 63088 f67 A KC LocGov S Interop South Local Government Interop 62832 f57 A KC/SEA 1 King County / Seattle Interoperations Interop 62896 f5b A MARS King County Mutual Aid Radio System Interop 62864 f59 A LERN Law Enforcement Radio Network Interop 21744 54f A LocGov-E Local Government East Interop 62800 f55 A PSAP to PSAP Public Safety Answering Point Common Interop 62928 f5d A PSOPS N1 Public Safety Operations N1 Interop 62960 f5f A PSOPS N2 Public Safety Operations N2 Interop 62992 f61 A PSOPS S1 Public Safety Operations S1 Interop 63024 f63 A PSOPS S2 Public Safety Operations S2 Interop King County Fire Districts Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 24304 5ef A AMR Dispatch AMR Dispatch EMS Dispatch 31856 7c7 A ESFD Admin Eastside Fire and Rescue Administration Fire-Talk 31504 7b1 A EFR Bat 1 Eastside Fire and Rescue Battalion 1 Fire-Talk 31536 7b3 A EFR Bat 2 Eastside Fire and Rescue Battalion 2 Fire-Talk 31568 7b5 A EFR Bat 3 Eastside Fire and Rescue Battalion 3 Fire-Talk 31600 7b7 A EFR Bat 4 Eastside Fire and Rescue Battalion 4 Fire-Talk 31632 7b9 A EFR Bat 5 Eastside Fire and Rescue Battalion 5 Fire-Talk 31824 7c5 A EFR FMPubEd Eastside Fire and Rescue Fire Marshall and Public Education Fire-Talk 31792 7c3 A EFR MecFac Eastside Fire and Rescue Mechanic and Facilities Fire-Talk 30992 791 A FWFD Admin Federal Way Fire Administration Fire-Talk 31024 793 A FWFD Prev Federal Way Fire Prevention Fire-Talk 31120 799 A VIFR Fire District 13 (Vashon Island) Fire Fire-Talk 31248 7a1 A VIFR Tac Fire District 13 (Vashon Island) Tactical Fire-Tac 21680 54b A KCFD Dist14A Fire District 14 (Bellevue) Administration Fire-Talk 39056 989 A KCFD17 Admin Fire District 17 Administration Fire-Talk 30480 771 A BurFd Admin Fire District 2 (Burien) Administration Fire-Talk 39088 98b A KCFD20 Admin Fire District 20 Administration Fire-Talk 30512 773 A Des FD Admin Fire District 26 (Des Moines) Administration Fire-Talk 31696 7bd A FD 27 Admin Fire District 27 (Fall City) Administration Fire-Talk 39120 98d A KCFD40 Admin Fire District 40 Administration Fire-Talk 39152 98f A KCFD43 Admin Fire District 43 Administration Fire-Talk 39184 991 A KCFD44 Admin Fire District 44 Administration Fire-Talk 31664 7bb A Duv FD Admin Fire District 45 (Duvall) Administration Fire-Talk 39216 993 A KCFD46 Admin Fire District 46 Administration Fire-Talk 39248 995 A KCFD47 Admin Fire District 47 Administration Fire-Talk 31728 7bf A SnoPas Admin Fire District 51 (Snoqualmie Pass) Administration Fire-Talk 30928 78d A NHFD Admin North Highline Fire Administration Fire-Talk 30960 78f A NHFD Prevntn North Highline Fire Prevention Fire-Talk 19984 4e1 A NorS FD Admn North Shore Fire Administration Fire-Talk 62384 f3b A KCFD Unk Unknown Fire-Talk King County Government Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 26704 685 A KC AnmlCnt D Animal Control Dispatch Public Works 26672 683 A KC AnmlCnt T Animal Control Tactical Public Works 25712 647 A BFI Admin Boeing Field Airport Adminstration Public Works 25744 649 A BFI Fire Boeing Field Airport Fire & Rescue Fire Dispatch 27216 6a5 A KC Cabinet Cabinet Public Works 24208 5e9 A KC Court 1 Court Escorts 1 Law Talk 24240 5eb A KC Court 2 Court Escorts 2 Law Talk 24272 5ed A KC Court 3 Court Escorts 3 Law Talk 27280 6a9 A KCPW Maint Court Maintenance Public Works 24176 5e7 A KC Courts Courthouse Public Works 24656 605 A KC AD Admn Department A.D. Administration Fire-Tac 24592 601 A KC AD C1 Department A.D. Common1 Law Talk 24624 603 A KC AD C2 Department A.D. Common2 Law Talk 23664 5c7 A KC Event 1 Event 1 Multi-Tac 23696 5c9 A KC Event 2 Event 2 Multi-Tac 23728 5cb A KC Event 3 Event 3 Multi-Tac 23760 5cd A KC Event 4 Event 4 Multi-Tac 23792 5cf A KC Event 5 Event 5 Multi-Tac 26736 687 A KCPW FltSrvc Fleet Services Public Works 24400 5f5 A KC JailOps 1 Jail Operations 1 Corrections 24432 5f7 A KC JailOps 2 Jail Operations 2 Corrections 24464 5f9 A KC JailOps 3 Jail Operations 3 Corrections 24496 5fb A KC JailOps 4 Jail Operations 4 Corrections 27312 6ab A KC Jail Jail? Corrections 41008 a03 A KC Cmptr Svs King County Computer Services Public Works 22544 581 A KC RadioShop King County Radio Shop Public Works 25552 63d A KC Med Exmnr Medical Examiners Office Public Works 34256 85d A KC PF D1 Public Facilities District 1 Public Works 62064 f27 A KC DOH OPS2 Public Health Common 1 Public Works 62000 f23 A KC DOH OPS1 Public Health Operations 1 Public Works 62032 f25 A KC DOH OPS2 Public Health Operations 2 Public Works 61968 f21 A KC DPH OPS3 Public Health Operations 3 Public Works 22416 579 A Radio Shop 2 Radio Shop 2 Public Works 63184 f6d A Comm 1 Radio System Technicians Communications 1 Public Works 63216 f6f A Comm 2 Radio System Technicians Communications 2 Public Works 26800 68b A KC Reclam Reclamation Public Works 26448 675 A KCPW Roads 1 Roads 1 Public Works 26480 677 A KCPW Roads 2 Roads 2 Public Works 26832 68d A KC Waste 1 Solid Waste Division 1 Public Works 27152 6a1 A KC SWD/DNR SWD/DNR Public Works 26896 691 A KCPW Trtmnt1 Waste Treatment 1 Public Works 26928 693 A KCPW Trtmnt2 Waste Treatment 2 Public Works 27024 699 A KC Youth Youth Services Public Works King County Medic One Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 25168 625 A KCEMS Admin King County Medic One Administration Public Works 25200 627 A KCEMS Ops 1 King County Medic One Operations 1 Public Works 25232 629 A KCEMS Ops 2 King County Medic One Operations 2 Public Works King County Metro Transit Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 23952 5d9 A KCMT PD Prim Police - Primary Law Dispatch 23984 5db A KCMT PD Tac Police - Tactical Law Tac 24016 5dd A KCMT F7 F7 Transportation 24048 5df A KCMT F8 F8 Transportation 60048 ea9 A LINK RR MAIN Link Light Rail Main Transportation 60144 eaf A LINK RR OPS Link Light Rail Yard Ops Transportation 60272 eb7 A SND TRAN SEC Sound Transit Security Security 60304 eb9 A TRANS SEC 2 Transit Tunnel Security 2 Security 60336 ebb A TRANS SEC 1 Transit Tunnel Security 1 Security 60464 ec3 A SND TRANS PD Sound Transit Police Law Dispatch King County Sheriff Talkgroups King County Sheriff provides law enforcement and dispatch services for all of unincorporated King County and the following communities: Beaux Arts, Burien, Carnation, Covington, Kenmore, Maple Valley, Newcastle, Sammamish, SeaTac, Shoreline, Skykomish and Woodinville. DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 23120 5a5 A Court Sec 1 Court Security 1 Security 23088 5a3 A Court Sec 2 Court Security 2 Security 23472 5bb A KCSO Data Data Warrant Checks Law Talk 23152 5a7 A KCSO N Dispatch North Law Dispatch 23344 5b3 A KCSO NW Dispatch Northwest Law Dispatch 23216 5ab A KCSO SE Dispatch Southeast Law Dispatch 23280 5af A KCSO SW Dispatch Southwest Law Dispatch 24112 5e3 A KCPD SR F2 Search and Rescue F2 Interop 24144 5e5 A KCPD SR F3 Search and Rescue F3 Interop 23408 5b7 A KCSO Sp Ops Special Operations Law Tac 23504 5bd A KCSO Tac 1 Tactical 1 Law Tac 25424 635 A KCSO Tac 10 Tactical 10 Law Tac 23632 5c5 A KCSO Tac 12 Tactical 12 Law Tac 24976 619 A KCSO Tac14 Tactical 14 Law Tac 26608 67f A KCSO Tac 16 Tactical 16 Law Tac 27088 69d A KCSO Tac 18 Tactical 18 Law Tac 23184 5a9 A KCSO Tac 2 Tactical 2 Law Tac 30128 75b A KCSO Tac 20 Tactical 20 Law Tac 35824 8bf A KCSO Tac 22 Tactical 22 - Surveillance Law Tac 23248 5ad A KCSO Tac 3 Tactical 3 Law Tac 27344 6ad A KCSO Tac 30 Tactical 30 Law Tac 23312 5b1 A KCSO Tac 4 Tactical 4 Law Tac 23376 5b5 A KCSO Tac 5 Tactical 5 Law Tac 23440 5b9 A KCSO Tac 6 Tactical 6 Law Tac 23536 5bf A KCSO Tac 7 Tactical 7 Law Tac 23568 5c1 A KCSO Tac 8 Tactical 8 Law Tac 23600 5c3 A KCSO Tac 9 Tactical 9 Law Tac King County Water Districts Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 41840 a37 A CedRivWater Cedar River Water District Public Works 41872 a39 A CovWaterDis Covington Water District Public Works 33648 837 A KC Wtr Hghln Highline Water District Public Works 41776 a33 A SC Water Soos Creek Water District Public Works 41808 a35 A SC Data Soos Creek Water District Data Public Works 41904 a3b A Wtr Dist 111 Water Dist 111 Public Works 33616 835 A KC Water 20 Water District 20 Public Works Kirkland Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 19120 4ab A KI Buildings Buildings Public Works 19056 4a7 A KI Citywide Citywide Interop 19184 4af A KI Eng Engineering Public Works 19504 4c3 A KI Fire Admn Fire Department Administration Fire-Talk 19088 4a9 A KI Parks Parks Public Works 19280 4b5 A KIPD Rec Police Records Law Talk 19376 4bb A KIPD Tac 1 Police Tactical 1 Law Tac 19152 4ad A KI PW Public Works Public Works Lake Forest Park Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 19024 4a5 A LFPPD Disp Police Dispatch Law Dispatch 18992 4a3 A LFPPD Tac Police Tactical Law Tac Mercer Island Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 18736 493 A MI F Admin Fire Admininstration Fire-Talk 18672 48f A MI Parks Parks Public Works 18896 49d A MI PD Record Police Records Law Tac 18864 49b A MI PD Tac Police Tactical Law Tac 18704 491 A MI PW Public Works Public Works Mutual Aid Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 62576 f47 A KCFD MA P1 Fire Mutual Aid Pool 1 Interop 62608 f49 A KCFD MA P2 Fire Mutual Aid Pool 2 Interop 62416 f3d A KCFD MA Z1 Fire Mutual Aid Zone 1 Interop 62448 f3f A KCFD MA Z2 Fire Mutual Aid Zone 2 Interop 62480 f41 A KCFD MA Z3 Fire Mutual Aid Zone 3 Interop 62512 f43 A KCFD MA Z4 Fire Mutual Aid Zone 4 Interop 62544 f45 A KCFD MA Z5 Fire Mutual Aid Zone 5 Interop Newcastle Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 15984 3e7 A Newcatle PW Public Works Public Works NORCOM Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 21072 525 A NC Admin Administrative - NORCOM Staff Public Works 22384 577 A FDisp 1 Fire Dispatch 1 (Com Center Outbound) Fire Dispatch 22352 575 A FDisp 2 Fire Dispatch 2 (Field Call Com Center) Fire Dispatch 22224 56d A FTAC 1 Fire Tactical 1 Fire-Tac 31472 7af A FTAC 10 Fire Tactical 10 Fire-Tac 22192 56b A FTAC 2 Fire Tactical 2 Fire-Tac 22160 569 A FTAC 3 Fire Tactical 3 Fire-Tac 22128 567 A FTAC 4 Fire Tactical 4 Fire-Tac 22096 565 A FTAC 5 Fire Tactical 5 Fire-Tac 22064 563 A FTAC 6 Fire Tactical 6 Fire-Tac 22032 561 A FTAC 7 Fire Tactical 7 Fire-Tac 31408 7ab A FTAC 8 Fire Tactical 8 Fire-Tac 31440 7ad A FTAC 9 Fire Tactical 9 Fire-Tac 62640 f4b A Emer Z1 Fire Zone 1 Emergency Button Talk Group Fire-Tac 22288 571 A NORCOM Amb NORCOM to Ambulance Companies Interop 21232 52f A NC CC 1 Police Car to Car 1 (Bellevue, Clyde Hill, Medina) Law Talk 19408 4bd A NC CC 2 Police Car to Car 2 (Kirkland, Mercer Island) Law Talk 19312 4b7 A NC CC 3 Police Car to Car 3 (Future) Law Talk 21360 537 A NC Data Police Data Law Talk 21424 53b A NC Pol 1 Police Dispatch 1 (Bellevue, Clyde Hill, Medina) Law Dispatch 19472 4c1 A NC Pol 2 Police Dispatch 2 (Kirkland, Mercer Island) Law Dispatch 18928 49f A NC Pol 2 Police Dispatch 3 (Future) Law Dispatch 21712 54d A NC PD Emer Police Emergency Button Talk Group Law Tac 21392 539 A NC Tac 1 Police Tactical 1 (Bellevue, Clyde Hill, Medina) Law Tac 21328 535 A NC Tac 11 Police Tactical 11 Law Tac 21296 533 A NC Tac 12 Police Tactical 12 Law Tac 21200 52d A NC Tac 13 Police Tactical 13 Law Tac 21136 529 A NC Tac 14 Police Tactical 14 Law Tac 21104 527 A NC Tac 15 Police Tactical 15 Law Tac 21168 52b A NC Tac 16 Police Tactical 16 Law Tac 19440 4bf A NC Tac 2 Police Tactical 2 (Kirkland, Mercer Island) Law Tac 19344 4b9 A NC Tac 3 Police Tactical 3 (Future) Law Tac Normandy Park Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 33104 815 A NorParkPDOps Police - Dispatch Law Dispatch 33072 813 A NorParkPDTac Police - Tactical Law Tac Pacific Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 38896 97f A Pac F Admin Pacific Fire Administration Fire-Talk Redmond Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 18352 47b A Red Citywide Citywide Multi-Tac 18608 48b A Red FD Prev Fire - Prevention Fire-Talk 18576 489 A Red FD Com Fire Communications Fire-Talk 18544 487 A Red PD Disp Police - Dispatch Law Dispatch 18512 485 A Red PD Traff Police - Traffic Law Tac 18448 481 A Red PD Admin Police Administration Law Talk 18480 483 A Red PD Inv Police Investigations Law Tac 18416 47f A Red PD Tac 1 Police Tactical 1 Law Tac 18384 47d A Red PD Tac 2 Police Tactical 2 Law Tac 17936 461 A Red Bld Insp Public Works - Building Inspectors Public Works 18160 46f A RedDPWDrain1 Public Works - Drains 1 Public Works 18288 477 A RedDPWDrain2 Public Works - Drains 2 Public Works Renton Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 43056 a83 A RetCitywide Renton Citywide Interop 38928 981 A RetFD Admin Renton Fire Administration Fire-Talk 38960 983 A RetFD Prev Renton Fire Prevention Fire-Talk 37296 91b A RetPD Admin Renton Police Administration Law Talk 40176 9cf A Renton PS Renton Public Safety Law Talk 43632 aa7 A RetSc School Renton Schools Schools SeaTac Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 31056 795 A SeaTacFD Ad1 Fire Administration 1 Fire-Talk 31216 79f A SeaTacFD Ad2 Fire Administration 2 Fire-Talk Seattle Center Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 4848 12f A SEA CEN 1 Center 1 Business 4880 131 A SEA CEN 2 Center 2 Business 4912 133 A SEA CEN 3 Center 3 Business 4944 135 A SEA CEN 4 Center 4 Business 4976 137 A SEA CEN 5 Center 5 Business 5008 139 A SEA CEN 6 Center 6 Business Seattle Fire Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 2064 081 A SFD Cmnd13 13 Command Support Deprecated 2224 08b A SFD AIR Airlift Northwest EMS-Tac 1616 065 A SFD ATG Announcement Talkgroup Fire-Talk 2288 08f A SFD Bat 2 Battalion 2 Fire-Talk 2320 091 A SFD Bat 3 Battalion 3 Fire-Talk 2352 093 A SFD Bat 4 Battalion 4 Fire-Talk 2384 095 A SFD Bat 5 Battalion 5 Fire-Talk 2416 097 A SFD Bat 6 Battalion 6 Fire-Talk 2448 099 A SFD Bat 7 Battalion 7 Fire-Talk 1648 067 A SFD Ch 1 Ch 1 Primary Fire Response Fire-Tac 1840 073 A SFD Cmnd 11 Ch 11 Fire Command Support Fire-Talk 1872 075 A SFD Cmnd 12 Ch 12 Fire Command Support Fire-Tac 2512 09d A SFD Cmd 13 Ch 13 Command Support Fire-Talk 1680 069 A SFD Ch 2 Ch 2 Secondary Fire Response Fire-Tac 1712 06b A SFD Ch 3 Ch 3 Tertiary Fire Response Fire-Tac 1744 06d A SFD Disp Ch 4 Dispatch Fire Fire Dispatch 1776 06f A SFD Disp 2 Ch 5 Direct Dispatch Channel EMS-Tac 1808 071 A SFD EMS 6 Ch 6 EMS Primary Response EMS-Tac 3184 0c7 A SFD EOC Emergency Operations Center Deprecated 2256 08d A SFD RMC/EOC EOC / Fire Coordination Emergency Ops 3088 0c1 A SFD Event 14 Event 14 Fire-Talk 3120 0c3 A SFD Event 15 Event 15 Fire-Talk 2192 089 A SFD FAC Fire Alarm Center Administration Fire-Talk 1968 07b A SFD AMB Fire Ambulance Requests EMS-Tac 2128 085 A SFD Emerg Fire Emergency Fire-Tac 3024 0bd A SFD FMO Fire Marshall Office Fire-Talk 1904 077 A SFD MyDy Tac Fire Mayday Tactical Fire-Tac 2096 083 A SFD M/P Fire Multipurpose Fire-Tac 1936 079 A SFD RIT Fire Rapid Intervention Team Fire-Tac 3056 0bf A SFD Serv Fire Services Fire-Talk 2160 087 A SFD Invest Investigations Deprecated 2000 07d A SFD Med1 Doc Medic One Doctor EMS-Tac 2480 09b A SFD Ops Operations Fire-Tac 2992 0bb A SFD Trn 1 Training 1 Fire-Talk 2032 07f A SFD Trma Doc Trauma Doctor EMS-Tac Seattle Police Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 3216 0c9 A SPD ATG Announcement Talk Group Law Talk 3824 0ef A SPD CTR 1 Center 1 Law Talk 3856 0f1 A SPD CRT 2 Center 2 Law Talk 3888 0f3 A SPD Cmnd 1 Command 1 Law Talk 3920 0f5 A SPD Cmnd 2 Command 2 Law Talk 3952 0f7 A SPD Cmnd 3 Command 3 Law Talk 3984 0f9 A SPD Cmnd 4 Command 4 Law Talk 4016 0fb A SPD Cmnd 5 Command 5 Law Talk 4784 12b A SPD Cmnd 6 Command 6 Law Talk 4272 10b A SPD CIS 1 Criminal Investigation Services 1 Law Talk 4304 10d A SPD CIS 2 Criminal Investigation Services 2 Law Talk 3408 0d5 A SPD Data Data Law Talk 3344 0d1 A SPD E Dispatch East Law Dispatch 3280 0cd A SPD N Dispatch North Law Dispatch 3312 0cf A SPD S Dispatch South Law Dispatch 3248 0cb A SPD W Dispatch West Law Dispatch 3600 0e1 A SPD Emerg Emergency Button Talk Group Law Tac 4336 10f A SPD EM RESP1 Emergency Response Team 1 Law Talk 4368 111 A SPD EM RESP2 Emergency Response Team 2 Law Talk 3568 0df A SPD Event 1 Event 1 Law Talk 4048 0fd A SPD Harbor Harbor Patrol Law Tac 4400 113 E SPD HOS N1 Hostage Negotiator 1 Law Talk 4432 115 E SPD HOS N2 Hostage Negotiator 2 Law Talk 4080 0ff A SPD ITS Information Technology Support Law Tac 4464 117 A SPD INTERNAL Internal Investigation Law Talk 3760 0eb A SPD INV TAC1 Investigative Tactical 1 Law Tac 3792 0ed A SPD INV TAC2 Investigative Tactical 2 Law Tac 44816 af1 D SPD AS NARC Narcotics Law Talk 4112 101 A SPD Narc 2 Narcotics 2 Law Tac 4144 103 A SPD Narc 3 Narcotics 3 Law Tac 4176 105 A SPD NTF Narcotics Task Force Law Talk 3440 0d7 A SPD Tac 1 Tactical 1 Law Tac 44976 afb D SPD DTAC1 Tactical 1 - Digital Law Talk 3472 0d9 A SPD Tac 2 Tactical 2 Law Tac 45008 afd D SPD DTAC2 Tactical 2 - Digital Law Talk 3504 0db A SPD Tac 3 Tactical 3 Law Tac 3536 0dd A SPD Tac 4 Tactical 4 Law Tac 3632 0e3 A SPD Tac E Tactical East Law Tac 3696 0e7 A SPD Tac N Tactical North Law Tac 3664 0e5 A SPD Tac S Tactical South Law Tac 3728 0e9 A SPD Tac W Tactical West Law Tac 4496 119 A SPD Trng 1 Training 1 Law Tac 4528 11b A SPD Trng 2 Training 2 Law Tac 4560 11d A SPD Trng 3 Training 3 Law Tac 4592 11f A SPD Trng 4 Training 4 Law Tac 4624 121 A SPD Trng 5 Training 5 Law Tac 4656 123 A SPD Trng 6 Training 6 Law Tac 4208 107 A SPD VICE 1 Vice 1 Law Talk 44848 af3 D SPD DVICE1 Vice 1 - Digital Law Talk 4240 109 A SPD VICE 2 Vice 2 Law Talk 44880 af5 D SPD DVICE2 Vice 2- Digital Law Talk Seattle Public Schools Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 8784 225 A Sea Schl N Schools N Schools 8720 221 A Sea Schl NW Schools NW Schools 8816 227 A Sea Schl S Schools S Schools 8752 223 A Sea Schl Sec Schools Security Security 8848 229 A Sea Schl SW Schools SW Schools Seattle Public Works Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 5552 15b A KC Anml Ctl Animal Control Public Works 5168 143 A KC EsdDasT DAS Telecom Services Emergency Ops 6064 17b A KC EOC Ops 1 Emergency Operations Emergency Ops 7088 1bb A SeaEngDrains Engineering - Drains Public Works 7184 1c1 A SeaEngSan Engineering - Sanitation Public Works 5200 145 A KC EsdDasM ESD DAS Facility Maintenance Emergency Ops 6224 185 A KC ESD Centr ESD Operations Center Emergency Ops 5648 161 A ESD treasure ESD treasurer Public Works 6768 1a7 A Sea Evnt1 Event 1 Multi-Tac 6800 1a9 A Sea Evnt2 Event 2 Multi-Tac 6864 1ad A Sea Evnt4 Event 4 Multi-Tac 9072 237 A KC Health Health Department Emergency Ops 24816 60f A Kingdome 1 Kingdome 1 Multi-Tac 24848 611 A Kingdome 2 Kingdome 2 Multi-Tac 24880 613 A Kingdome 3 Kingdome 3 Multi-Tac 24912 615 A Kingdome 4 Kingdome 4 Multi-Tac 7760 1e5 A KC EOC to HR Link to Human Services Emergency Ops 8944 22f A KC EOC HR 1 Link to Human Services 1 Emergency Ops 5584 15d A StlCrtSecrty Municipal Court Security Security 5968 175 A KC EOC OEM1 Office of Emergency Management 1 Emergency Ops 6032 179 A KC EOC Ops Operations - 1 Emergency Ops 5488 157 A SeattlePrks1 Parks 1 Public Works 5776 169 A SeattlePrks2 Parks 2 Public Works 5808 16b A Sea ParksRec Recreation Public Works 6288 189 A SDAS Fleet SDAS fleet svcs Public Works 7152 1bf A SEATRAN Brdg SEATRAN Bridges Public Works 7120 1bd A SEATRAN Main Seatran ST Maintenance Public Works 7216 1c3 A SEATRAN SEATRAN Traffic Public Works 7632 1dd A SPU Eng SPU Engineering Public Works 6480 195 A Sea W&S Water & Sewer Public Works 6544 199 A Sea Wtr 4 Water 4 Public Works 6576 19b A Sea Wtr 5 Water 5 Public Works 6608 19d A Sea Wtr 6 Water 6 Public Works 6640 19f A SPU Wtr 7 Water 7 Public Works 6448 193 A Sea WtrShd1 Watershed Public Works 6512 197 A Sea WtrShd2 Watershed 2 Public Works 5520 159 A WoodPaZoo Woodland Park Zoo Public Works Shoreline Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 19920 4dd A Shor FD Admn Fire - Administration Fire-Talk 16624 40f A Shor DPW Public Works Public Works 17264 437 A Shor City Shoreline City Interop 16656 411 A Shor DPW Shr Shoreline Public Works Public Works Snoqualmie Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 32848 805 A SNOQ Citywde Citywide Multi-Tac 31888 7c9 A Snoq FAdmin Fire Administration Fire-Talk 28336 6eb A Snoq PD Police Dispatch Law Dispatch 28368 6ed A Snoq PD Tac1 Police Tactical 1 Law Tac 28400 6ef A Snoq PD Tac2 Police Tactical 2 Law Tac Tribal Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 38096 94d A Muck PD Muckleshoot Police Law Dispatch Tukwila Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 38992 985 A Tuk FD AD Tukwila Fire Administration Fire-Talk 39024 987 A Tuk FD Prev Tukwila Fire Prevention Fire-Talk 37392 921 A Tuk PD Admin Tukwila Police Administration Law Talk 40208 9d1 A Tuk Pub Safe Tukwila Public Safety Interop University Of Washington Police Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 9296 245 A UW PD Admin Administration Law Talk 9232 241 A UW PD Disp Dispatch Main Law Dispatch 9264 243 A UW PD Tac Tactical Law Tac Valley Communications Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 36880 901 A Alg PD Tac Algona,Pacific, Black Diamond Police Tactical Law Tac 36848 8ff A Alg PD Prim Alogona, Pacific, Black Diamond Police Primary Law Dispatch 36944 905 A Aubur PD Pri Auburn Police Primary Law Dispatch 36976 907 A Aubur PD Tac Auburn Police Tactical Law Tac 37040 90b A Des PD Pri Des Moines Police Primary Law Dispatch 37072 90d A Des PD Tac Des Moines Police Tactical Law Tac 29136 71d A FW PD Pri Federal Way Police Primary Law Dispatch 29168 71f A FW PD Tac Federal Way Police Tactical Law Tac 62704 f4f A Emer Z3 Fire Zone 3 Emergency Button Talkgroup Fire-Tac 62736 f51 A Emer Z4 Fire Zone 4 Emergency Button Talkgroup Fire-Tac 37136 911 A Kent PD Pri Kent Police Primary Law Dispatch 37168 913 A Kent PD Tac Kent Police Tactical Law Tac 30768 783 A Fire 8 Not Used Deprecated 30800 785 A Fire 9 Not Used Deprecated 37424 923 A VC PD Data Police Data Law Talk 37456 925 A ValComNarc2 Police Narcotics 2 Law Tac 37232 917 A RetPD Pri Renton Police Primary Law Dispatch 37264 919 A RetPD Tac Renton Police Tactical Law Tac 37328 91d A Tuk PD Pri Tukwila Police Primary Law Dispatch 37360 91f A Tuk PD Tac Tukwila Police Tactical Law Tac 38384 95f A VC Admin ValleyCom Administration Public Works 42896 a79 A City Merge ValleyCom City Merge Public Works 43120 a87 A ValComCom ValleyCom Common Law Talk 38448 963 A Fire 1 ValleyCom Fire 1 Fire Dispatch 38480 965 A Fire 2 ValleyCom Fire 2 Fire-Tac 38512 967 A Fire 3 ValleyCom Fire 3 Fire-Tac 38544 969 A Fire 4 ValleyCom Fire 4 Fire-Tac 30672 77d A Fire 5 ValleyCom Fire 5 Fire-Talk 30704 77f A Fire 6 ValleyCom Fire 6 Fire-Talk 30736 781 A Fire 7 ValleyCom Fire 7 Fire-Talk 39696 9b1 A VCMutAid ValleyCom Mutual Aid Multi-Tac 38576 96b A Ops 1 ValleyCom Operations 1 Fire-Tac 38608 96d A Ops 2 ValleyCom Operations 2 Fire-Tac 38640 96f A Ops 3 ValleyCom Operations 3 Fire-Tac 38672 971 A KCFD VC Ops4 ValleyCom Operations 4 (Not Used) Deprecated 38704 973 A KCFD VC Ops5 ValleyCom Operations 5 (Not used) Deprecated 38736 975 A KCFD VC Ops6 ValleyCom Operations 6 (Not Used) Deprecated 37488 927 A ValCom Spec1 ValleyCom Police Special Operations 1 Law Tac 37520 929 A ValCom Spec2 ValleyCom Police Special Operations 2 Law Tac 37552 92b A ValCom Spec3 ValleyCom Police Special Operations 3 Law Tac 37584 92d A ValCom Spec4 ValleyCom Police Special Operations 4 Law Tac 37680 933 A ValCom Spec5 ValleyCom Police Special Operations 5 Law Tac 37616 92f A PD Trng 1 ValleyCom Police Training 1 Law Talk 37648 931 A PD Trng 2 ValleyCom Police Training 2 Law Talk 40240 9d3 A VCPubSafe ValleyCom Public Safety Law Talk Woodinville Talkgroups DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 19952 4df A Woodnvl PW Public Works Public Works""" new_groups = '' import re for group in groups.split('\n'): if group: if'^\d+', group): new_groups += group + '\n' groups_markup = '' for group in new_groups.split('\n'): groupt = group.split('\t') if len(groupt) >= 5: groups_markup += '<Group id="%s" color="00FF00" rank="50" hide="0" lockout="%s" first="20160910203504" last="20160910203505" hits="1" label="%s" />\n' % (groupt[0], 1 if not ('SFD' in group or ('SPD' in group and ('dispatch' in group.lower() or 'tac' in group.lower() or 'cmnd' in group.lower() or 'vice' in group.lower() or 'narcotic' in group.lower() or 'hos' in group.lower() or 'cis' in group.lower()))) and not groupt[0] in ['1744'] else 0, groupt[3]+' '+groupt[4])
with open('groups.txt', 'w') as f: f.write(groups_markup)