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Author: Hal Snyder
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Description: Open Exoplanet Catalog Demo
Compute Environment: Ubuntu 18.04 (Deprecated)

Looking at the Exoplanet Catalog

Example based on "Getting started" docs

In [1]:
# import astro packages from astroquery import open_exoplanet_catalogue as oec from astroquery.open_exoplanet_catalogue import findvalue
In [3]:
# get the catalogue from the default remote source cata = oec.get_catalogue()
In [4]:
print(f'{len(cata.findall(".//planet"))} planets listed')
3814 planets listed
In [5]:
print(f'{len(cata.findall(".//system/planet"))} rogue planets in the catalog\n') for planets in cata.findall(".//system/planet"): print(findvalue( planets, 'name'))
5 rogue planets in the catalog CFBDSIR2149 PSO J318.5-22 SDSS J1110+0116 SIMP0136+0933 WISE 0855-0714
In [6]:
# approximately one third of the star systems in the Milky Way are binary or multiple - Wikipedia print(f'{len(cata.findall(".//binary/planet"))} exoplanets in binary star systems\n') for planet in cata.findall(".//binary/planet"): print(findvalue(planet, 'name'))
35 exoplanets in binary star systems 2M 1938+4603 b 2MASS J02495639-0557352 c DP Leo b FL Lyr b FW Tau b HD 106906 b HD 131399 Ab HU Aqr (AB) b HU Aqr (AB) c HU Aqr (AB) d HW Vir (AB) b Kepler-16 (AB) b Kepler-34 (AB) b Kepler-35 (AB) b Kepler-38 (AB) b Kepler-413 b Kepler-47 (AB) b Kepler-47 (AB) c KIC 7177553 A(ab) b KIC 9632895 b KOI-2939 b NN Ser (AB) c NN Ser (AB) d NSVS 14256825 c NSVS 14256825 d NY Virginis (AB) b OGLE-2007-BLG-349L (AB) c OGLE-2016-BLG-0613L AB b PH-1 A(ab) b PSR B1620-26 b Ross 458 C ROXs 42 B b RR Cae (AB) b SR 12 C VHS 1256-1257 b

Incidental note: HD 131399Ab is in a trinary star system

Massive planet found within a triple-star system


Five Ways to Find a Planet

  1. Radial velocity (751)
  2. Transit (3059)
  3. Direct Imaging (45)
  4. Gravitational Microlensing (75)
  5. Astrometry (minuscule movement) (1)
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