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Author: William A. Stein
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License: MIT License
Description: My backpacking packlist and gear list
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William Stein's Backpacking Gear List

What my dog and I bring for a 1-day overnight backpack during the summer:

  • 2600g: Tent + sleeping pad + inflatable pillow + rain fly + ground cover
  • 1400g: Gregory Zulo 40 backpack with 100g raincover
  • 854g: Sleeping bag
  • 543g: Jetboil stove with matches and fuel (CHECK BOTH!)
  • 540g: Leki treking polls
  • 750g: Grayl ultralight water filter with 500mL of water
  • 90g: Arcteryx climbing gloves
  • 450g: Arcteryx light Goretex shell
  • 240g: long sleeve gray breathable marmot shirt
  • 365g: bag with sunscreen, chapstick, listerine, mosquitoe net, neosporin, bandaides, toilet paper (CHECK ENOUGH!), bug spray, compostable dog poop bags, tweezers
  • 310g: bag with small travel towel, Bella bowl, spork, expandable cup, tiny knife
  • 250g: food for Bella (three servings of dry food)
  • 50g: 2L hydrapack, empty, for extra water storage.
  • 210g: bag with bella light, headlamp, topo map from REI in dry case, compass/thermometer
  • 116g: ultralight waterproof compressible Matador daypack (for morning hike after camping)
  • 500g: food -- 2-3 servings of freeze dried meals; eat for dinner and brunch
  • 500g: food -- misc snacks, cereal bars, cookies, cheese, Bella treats
  • Bella: bear bell & red bandana
  • 380g: usb battery, phone charge cable, watch charge cable, extra batteries for headlamp (3x AAA) and for bella light (2x CR2025); makes it so I don't have to carefully watch battery life all the time. My 10000mAH Imazing USB battery is too heavy (253 grams) though, since it is too much capacity for one night. 5000mAH batteries exist at 100grams.
  • 100g: Satellite text messaging: Garmin inReach Mini --
  • 210g: ruffwear highlands hiking dog sleeping pad

TOTAL: about 22 pounds

(It drops to nearly 20 pounds on the way out, due to eating all the food.)

Things I do not need, but are very nice to have (and for safety)

  • 500g-2000g: 500mL-2000mL of water pre-filled in hydrapack, if necesssary (depends hike type and season -- lake or mountain peak?)

Things to have sitting in the car for when we get back

  • Ice box with lots of ice that contains:
    • A pound of tuckers patties for Bella
    • Sparkling water
    • A cold brew coffee
    • Smoothie?
  • Lots of water! Drink a half liter at the trailhead on the way out.

Wishlist: Things I want to buy