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Examples for support purposes...

Multiplying million digit integers using Javascript!

Expect your browser to completely block for about 5 to 10 seconds... Much better than nothing. (But slower than Sage/Python.)


const d=1000000;
let a=BigInt(9)**BigInt(d)
let b=BigInt(7)**BigInt(d)
let t = new Date();
let c=a*b
print(new Date() - t)

(If you run the above in CoCalc it will output about 5000, which means "5 seconds".... depending on your browser.)

Now in Sage (fraction of a second):

d = 1000000
a = 9^d
b = 7^d
%time c = a*b
CPU time: 0.02 s, Wall time: 0.02 s

In Python (1-2s):

d = 1000000
a = 9**d
b = 7**d
%time c = a*b
CPU time: 1.46 s, Wall time: 1.59 s