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File: /projects/sage/sage-6.10/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/smc_sagews/
Docstring :
Cell execution state object and wrapper for access to special
SageMathCloud functionality.

An instance of this object is created each time you execute a cell.
It has various methods for sending different types of output
messages, links to files, etc.   Type 'help(smc)' for more details.

OUTPUT LIMITATIONS -- There is an absolute limit on the number of
messages output for a given cell, and also the size of the output
message for each cell.  You can access or change those limits
dynamically in a worksheet as follows by viewing or changing any of
the following variables:

   sage_server.MAX_STDOUT_SIZE       # max length of each stdout output message
   sage_server.MAX_STDERR_SIZE       # max length of each stderr output message
   sage_server.MAX_MD_SIZE           # max length of each md (markdown) output message
   sage_server.MAX_HTML_SIZE         # max length of each html output message
   sage_server.MAX_TEX_SIZE          # max length of tex output message
   sage_server.MAX_OUTPUT_MESSAGES   # max number of messages output for a cell.


   sage_server.MAX_OUTPUT            # max total character output for a single cell; computation
                                     # terminated/truncated if sum of above exceeds this.