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Authors: Samuel Lelièvre, Travis Scholl
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Description: SageMath-related talks at Joint math meetings JMM 2018
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JMM 2018 -- SageMath events

For those going to the

Joint mathematics meetings (of the AMS and MAA)

San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA

10-13 Jan 2018

below is a list of Sage-related events.

Naturally there is also the CoCalc and SageMath booth and note that nearly all talks in the PreTeXt/Mathbook XML session will involve Sage cells in some fashion.

Below, (#) denotes the person giving the talk.

  • 1135-00-2166 -- Andrew Gillette, Tyler Kloefkorn, Victoria Sanders (#). -- Using Sage to Create Lists of Shape Functions for Trimmed Serendipity and Serendipity Finite Elements. Preliminary report.
  • 1135-16-3175 -- Chris A Magyar (#). -- Mapping the moduli space of complex graded associative algebras through computer algebra systems.
  • 1135-83-2246 -- Candice Davis, Scott Geyer (#), William Johnson, Zhifu Xie. -- Inverse Problem of Central Configurations in the Collinear 5-body Problem.
  • 1135-B1-627 -- Tien Chih (#), Demitri J Plessas. -- A Search for Champion Boxers.
  • 1135-C1-1445 -- Gilbert Adam, William Jamieson (#), Megan Sawyer, Christina Starkey. -- Exploring Linear Algebra through SageMath Labs. Preliminary report.
  • 1135-C1-1698 -- Robert A Beezer (#). -- Teaching introductory linear algebra with open software and textbooks.
  • 1135-F1-1864 -- Susan Schmoyer (#), Ewing Township. -- A Mathematician Plays with a Spirograph. Preliminary report.
  • 1135-J5-2277 -- Angeliki Mali (#), Vilma Mesa. -- Instructors and students' uses of dynamic textbooks: What is new? Preliminary report.
  • 1135-O5-2304 -- Karl-Dieter Crisman (#). -- Number Theory: In Context and Interactive.
  • 1135-P1-828 -- Thomas W. Judson (#). -- The UTMOST Sage Cell Repository.
  • 1135-P1-2123 -- David Austin (#). -- A new open-access, open-source linear algebra textbook.
  • 1135-P1-2690 -- Joseph E. Fields (#). -- A 21st century Foundations text. Preliminary report.
  • 1135-VD-3054 -- Philip B. Yasskin (#), Andrew Crenwelge, Joseph Martinsen, Matthew Weihing, Matthew Barry. -- Interactive Animations in MYMathApps Calculus. Preliminary report.