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Author: Harald Schilly
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Description: Jupyter html version of scratch/animation.ipynb
Compute Environment: Ubuntu 18.04 (Deprecated)

HTML5 Matplotlib animations in SMC

In [20]:
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from matplotlib import animation
import numpy as np
In [29]:
fig, ax = plt.subplots()

x = np.arange(0, 2*np.pi, 0.01)
line, = ax.plot(x, np.sin(x))

def animate(i):
    line.set_ydata(np.sin(x + i/10.0))  # update the data
    return line,

# Init only required for blitting to give a clean slate.
def init():
    line.set_ydata(, mask=True))
    return line,

anim = animation.FuncAnimation(fig, animate, np.arange(1, 200), init_func=init, interval=25, blit=True)

Saving the animation in a "WebM" file

In [30]:
filename = 'animation.webm', fps=6, extra_args=['-vcodec', 'libvpx'])

Retrieving our project id in SMC

Which is in the path of the current directory we're in. Then we use it to construct the URL to the video file.

In [33]:
import os
dirs = os.getcwd().split('/')
project_id = dirs[2]
path = '/'.join(dirs[3:])
url = "/{project_id}/raw/{path}/{filename}".format(**locals())
In [32]:
from IPython.display import HTML
HTML('''<video autoplay controls loop>
<source src="{url}" type="video/webm">
</video>'''.format(url = url))
In [5]:
In [ ]: