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Author: William A. Stein
Description: Jupyter notebook support/2015-06-04-141749-bokeh.ipynb

Sage Worksheets are useful for 3d plotting. See the Sage reference manual:


%var u, v fx = (3*(1+sin(v)) + 2*(1-cos(v)/2)*cos(u))*cos(v) fy = (4+2*(1-cos(v)/2)*cos(u))*sin(v) fz = -2*(1-cos(v)/2) * sin(u) parametric_plot3d([fx, fy, fz], (u, 0, 2*pi), (v, 0, 2*pi), color="green", opacity=.7, mesh=1)
3D rendering not yet implemented
show(tetrahedron(color='lime', opacity=.5, mesh=3))
3D rendering not yet implemented
%var x y z g = golden_ratio; r = 4.77 p = 2 - (cos(x + g*y) + cos(x - g*y) + cos(y + g*z) + cos(y - g*z) + cos(z - g*x) + cos(z + g*x)) show(implicit_plot3d(p==0.5, (x, -r, r), (y, -r, r), (z, -r, r), plot_points=30, color='orange', mesh=1, opacity=.9))
3D rendering not yet implemented