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Authors: Harald Schilly, ℏal Snyder, William A. Stein
Description: Jupyter notebook support/2015-06-04-141749-bokeh.ipynb - a collaborative writing tool by Swipe

We wanted a simple way to write with others so we made as a side project at Swipe. It's real-time, collaborative, and it works in the browser on any device.

Welcome to

We find interesting ways to use it every day. From writing blog posts, to prototyping newsletters, to writing specs for new projects and collecting feedback from people, it has saved us a lot of time and headaches. We hope it does the same for you!

Create a new fiddle


  • You style text with Markdown
  • Every change is saved automatically
  • Refreshing and changing something creates a new version
  • Versions can be downloaded or accessed by unique URLs
  • Versions can be saved to Dropbox
  • You can share the full-screen edit mode on its own by adding /edit to the URL
  • You can share the full-screen preview mode on its own by adding /preview to the URL
  • You can convert the Markdown to HTML by clicking "Switch to HTML"
  • Fiddles don't get indexed by search engines

Tips and tricks

Using the syntax helper

At the bottom of the Edit mode there is a syntax helper: a quick way to add Markdown formatting to your text. It helps you make links, add images, headlines and so on, without worrying about the syntax.

Syntax Helper

Revisions is made for collaboration and it works in a simple, predictable way. When a link has been shared with you and you make a change to it, it creates a new revision under a new link. You can browse between all revisions by clicking the toolbar at the top.


Syntax highlighting:

You can show code listings and we automatically guess the language through HighlightJS. See their documentation for supported languages.

Array(8).join("swipe"-1) + " Batman";

If we fail to guess the language in the listing you can suggest it:

fmt.Println("Give it a go!")

Send us your feedback

Your feedback will help us shape over time, don't hesitate to get in touch with us with any ideas, issues, or just to say hi! Keep in touch with updates by joining our mailing list.