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Authors: Harald Schilly, ℏal Snyder, William A. Stein
Description: Jupyter notebook support/2015-06-04-141749-bokeh.ipynb
import astropy
Help on package astropy: NAME astropy FILE /usr/local/sage/sage-6.4/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/astropy/ DESCRIPTION Astropy is a package intended to contain core functionality and some common tools needed for performing astronomy and astrophysics research with Python. It also provides an index for other astronomy packages and tools for managing them. PACKAGE CONTENTS config (package) conftest constants (package) convolution (package) coordinates (package) cosmology (package) cython_version extern (package) io (package) logger modeling (package) nddata (package) setup_helpers setup_package sphinx (package) stats (package) table (package) tests (package) time (package) units (package) utils (package) version version_helpers vo (package) wcs (package) SUBMODULES _config CLASSES astropy.config.configuration.ConfigNamespace(__builtin__.object) Conf class Conf(astropy.config.configuration.ConfigNamespace) | Configuration parameters for `astropy`. | | Method resolution order: | Conf | astropy.config.configuration.ConfigNamespace | __builtin__.object | | Data descriptors defined here: | | max_lines | Maximum number of lines in the display of pretty-printed objects. If not provided, try to determine automatically from the terminal size. Negative numbers mean no limit. | | max_width | Maximum number of characters per line in the display of pretty-printed objects. If not provided, try to determine automatically from the terminal size. Negative numbers mean no limit. | | unicode_output | When True, use Unicode characters when outputting values, and displaying widgets at the console. | | use_color | When True, use ANSI color escape sequences when writing to the console. | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------- | Methods inherited from astropy.config.configuration.ConfigNamespace: | | reload(self, attr=None) | Reload a configuration item from the configuration file. | | Parameters | ---------- | attr : str, optional | The name of the configuration parameter to reload. If not | provided, reload all configuration parameters. | | reset(self, attr=None) | Reset a configuration item to its default. | | Parameters | ---------- | attr : str, optional | The name of the configuration parameter to reload. If not | provided, reset all configuration parameters. | | set_temp(self, attr, value) | Temporarily set a configuration value. | | Parameters | ---------- | attr : str | Configuration item name | | value : object | The value to set temporarily. | | Examples | -------- | >>> import astropy | >>> with astropy.conf.set_temp('use_color', False): | ... pass | ... # console output will not contain color | >>> # console output contains color again... | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------- | Data descriptors inherited from astropy.config.configuration.ConfigNamespace: | | __dict__ | dictionary for instance variables (if defined) | | __weakref__ | list of weak references to the object (if defined) FUNCTIONS test(package=None, test_path=None, args=None, plugins=None, verbose=False, pastebin=None, remote_data=False, pep8=False, pdb=False, open_files=False, parallel=0, docs_path=None, skip_docs=False, repeat=None) Run Astropy tests using py.test. A proper set of arguments is constructed and passed to `pytest.main`. Parameters ---------- package : str, optional The name of a specific package to test, e.g. 'io.fits' or 'utils'. If nothing is specified all default Astropy tests are run. test_path : str, optional Specify location to test by path. May be a single file or directory. Must be specified absolutely or relative to the calling directory. args : str, optional Additional arguments to be passed to `pytest.main` in the `args` keyword argument. plugins : list, optional Plugins to be passed to `pytest.main` in the `plugins` keyword argument. verbose : bool, optional Convenience option to turn on verbose output from py.test. Passing True is the same as specifying `-v` in `args`. pastebin : {'failed','all',None}, optional Convenience option for turning on py.test pastebin output. Set to 'failed' to upload info for failed tests, or 'all' to upload info for all tests. remote_data : bool, optional Controls whether to run tests marked with @remote_data. These tests use online data and are not run by default. Set to True to run these tests. pep8 : bool, optional Turn on PEP8 checking via the pytest-pep8 plugin and disable normal tests. Same as specifying `--pep8 -k pep8` in `args`. pdb : bool, optional Turn on PDB post-mortem analysis for failing tests. Same as specifying `--pdb` in `args`. open_files : bool, optional Fail when any tests leave files open. Off by default, because this adds extra run time to the test suite. Works only on platforms with a working `lsof` command. parallel : int, optional When provided, run the tests in parallel on the specified number of CPUs. If parallel is negative, it will use the all the cores on the machine. Requires the `pytest-xdist` plugin is installed. docs_path : str, optional The path to the documentation .rst files. skip_docs : bool, optional When `True`, skips running the doctests in the .rst files. repeat : int, optional If set, specifies how many times each test should be run. This is useful for diagnosing sporadic failures. See Also -------- pytest.main : py.test function wrapped by `run_tests`. DATA UNICODE_OUTPUT = <ConfigItem: name='unicode_output' value=False> __githash__ = u'e4cd1a71feae16cc0c3d390bcd8f040984f37c50' __minimum_numpy_version__ = '1.5.1' __version__ = '0.4.4' conf = <astropy.Conf object> log = <astropy.logger.AstropyLogger object> online_docs_root = '' VERSION 0.4.4