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Author: Georgy Lazarev
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Compute Environment: Ubuntu 18.04 (Deprecated)
def solve_s(s1,s2): a=s1[0]+s2[0]*(-(s1[1])/(s2[1])) b=s1[2]+s2[2]*(-(s1[1])/(s2[1])) g=b/a h=((s2[2]-s2[0]*g)/(s2[1])).n() return [g,h] def my_det(l1,l2): return l1[0]*l2[1]-l2[0]*l1[1] def func1(x,y): return cos(x+0.5)+y-0.8 def func2(x,y): return sin(y)-2*x-1.6 def dfunc1_x(x,y): return -sin(x+0.5) def dfunc1_y(x,y): return int(1) def dfunc2_x(x,y): return -2 def dfunc2_y(x,y): return cos(y) eps=10^(-6) k=0 x=-1 y=-0.5 k=0 while (1): k+=1 k a=dfunc1_x(x,y) b=dfunc1_y(x,y) e=-func1(x,y) c=dfunc2_x(x,y) d=dfunc2_y(x,y) f=func2(x,y) l1=[a,b] l2=[c,d] l3=[-e,b] l4=[f,d] l5=[a,-e] l6=[c,f] d=my_det(l1,l2) d_x=my_det(l3,l4) d_y=my_det(l5,l6) g,h=(d_x)/d,(d_y)/d x1=x-g x1 y1=y-h y1 if abs(g)<eps and abs(h)<eps: break x=x1 y=y1 x y
1 -0.879672669800883 -0.135270556979890 2 -0.866614264952472 -0.133625659197635 3 -0.866580807873687 -0.133558326501273 4 -0.866580807525610 -0.133558326103536 -0.866580807873687 -0.133558326501273
plot(0.8-cos(x+0.5), (x,-2,2))+plot(arcsin(2*x+1.6),(x,-3,3))
verbose 0 (2733:, generate_plot_points) WARNING: When plotting, failed to evaluate function at 167 points. verbose 0 (2733:, generate_plot_points) Last error message: ''