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Author: Liljana Babinkostova
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Compute Environment: Ubuntu 20.04 (Default)
def pminone(R,a,rounds): b = a - 1 for j in range(1,rounds+1): b= (ZZ(power_mod(b+1,j,R))-1) %R p = gcd(b,R) if p==R: print("Pollard p-1 attack fails") return None elif p>1: print("Discovered in round {0}".format(j)) return p print ("Not found in {0}".format(rounds)) return None
R = 15056208191 p=pminone(R,37462,3463) print("One of the prime factors of R is", p)
Discovered in round 3463 One of the prime factors of R is 34631