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phys201-python-labs/Lab-7/Lab7exercises.ipynblab 7
1. zadaća/1.zadaca.ipynbJupyter notebook 1. zadaća/1.zadaca.ipynb
sage_worksheetsWorksheets related to Applied Discrete Structures
Week 9/hw9-turnin.ipynb
Gioia Turbulent flow in pipes.ipynbJupyter notebook Gioia Turbulent flow in pipes.ipynb
2015-10-25-165503.sagews Supporting Code (2015, 2016 UNLICENSED by Raazesh Sainudiin) for The Transmission Process: A Combinatorial Stochastic Process for the Evolution of Transmission Trees over Networks, UCDMS Research Report 2016/1, Raazesh Sainudiin and David Welch, July 2016
sumOfThreeCubes.ipynbPrime Decomposition of Sum of Three Cubes for 33
GraphSearch.ipynbSome Graph Search Algorithms
diagonalizability of real symmetric matrices.sagews
plotplot modular form attached to an elliptic curve
JupyterNotebooks/Courses/func-table-of-values.ipynbCreating a Table of Values using Sympy and Tabulate
ClassNotes/Math3b-19-02-R.sagewsFinding Extrema using the First Derivative Test
JupyterNotebooks/ the x axis and y axis of a matplotlib plot
Lab 10/Lab 10-turnin.sagews
tumor_classifier.ipynbA series of classifiers for predicting tumors from CDC NHANES data
Session 2.2.ipynbATT Code Lab Session 2.2
Personal/Grandpa's Memoir/Format_Stories.html
Personal/Grandpa's Memoir/Format_Stories.php
Lab 10/Lab 10-turnin.sagews
wwwthe website