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Author: Tim Clemans SMC
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Compute Environment: Ubuntu 18.04 (Deprecated)
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import datadotworld as dw import requests client = dw.api_client()
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client.create_dataset('hardworkcoder', title='Test', visibility='OPEN', license='Public Domain')
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import datadotworld as dw import requests import click client = dw.api_client() def download_socrata_metadata(domain, datasetid): return requests.get('https://%s/views/%s.json' % (domain, datasetid)).json() def convert_socrata_licenseid_to_dw_code(licenseid): # see socrata_to_dw_license_codes = {'PUBLIC_DOMAIN': 'Public Domain', 'PDDL': 'PDDL', 'CC0_10': 'CC-0', 'CC_30_BY': 'CC-BY', 'ODC_BY': 'ODC-BY', 'CC_30_BY_SA': 'CC-BY-SA', 'ODBL': 'ODC-ODbL', 'CC_30_BY_NC': 'CC BY-NC', 'CC_30_BY_NC_SA': 'CC BY-NC-SA'} return socrata_to_dw_license_codes.get(licenseid, 'Other') @click.command() @click.option('--username', prompt='Your username') @click.option('--domain', prompt='The Socrata domain such as') @click.option('--datasetid', prompt='The Socrata dataset id which you get from the url. It is eight characters and has a dash. For example for the id is kzjm-xkqj') def copy_socrata_dataset_to_datadotworld(username, domain, datasetid): dataset_metadata = download_socrata_metadata(domain, datasetid) title = '%s %s' % (domain, dataset_metadata['name']) title = title[:30] license = convert_socrata_licenseid_to_dw_code(dataset_metadata.get('licenseId', '')) dw_dataset_url = client.create_dataset(username, title=title, description=dataset_metadata.get('description'), visibility='OPEN', license=license) dw_dataset_key = dw_dataset_url[19:] client.add_files_via_url(dw_dataset_key, {'data.csv': 'https://%s/api/views/%s/rows.csv?accessType=DOWNLOAD' % (domain, datasetid)}) if __name__ == '__main__': copy_socrata_dataset_to_datadotworld()
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copy_socrata_dataset_to_datadotworld('hardworkcoder', '', 'kzjm-xkqj')
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