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ATMS 391

Homework 8: Linear regression

Problem 1

Perform a linear regression between hourly temperature (DryBulbCelsius) and dewpoint (DewPointCelsius) at Chicago for the month of August 2015. Ignore missing data.

(a) Make a scatter plot of the data, and the linear regression fit. Include a legend.

In [2]:
import pandas as pd import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import statsmodels.formula.api as smf %matplotlib inline data = pd.read_csv('chicago_hourly_aug_2015.csv', header=6) lm = smf.ols(formula='DewPointCelsius ~ DryBulbCelsius', data=data).fit() X_new = pd.DataFrame({'DryBulbCelsius': [data['DryBulbCelsius'].min(), data['DryBulbCelsius'].max()]}) #X_new preds = lm.predict(X_new) #preds plt.figure(figsize=(11,8.5)) plt.scatter(data['DryBulbCelsius'], data['DewPointCelsius'], label='Original data') plt.plot(X_new, preds, c='red', linewidth=2, label='Linear regression fit') plt.legend(fontsize=14, loc='best')
<matplotlib.legend.Legend at 0x7f438787de50>

(b) What are the fit coefficients?

In [3]:
Intercept 8.109144 DryBulbCelsius 0.354261 dtype: float64

(c) What is the 95% confidence interval of the fit?

In [4]:
0 1
Intercept 6.911831 9.306457
DryBulbCelsius 0.300409 0.408113

(d) Can we reject the null hypothesis that there is no relation between temperature and dewpoint? At what confidence level?

In [5]:
lm.pvalues #Yes. 95% confidence level
Intercept 7.838280e-37 DryBulbCelsius 5.205614e-35 dtype: float64

(e) What is the value of R2R^2 for this fit?

In [6]:

(f) Include Mean Sea Level Pressure (SeaLevelPressure) and Wind Speed (Wind Speed) in a multiple linear regression model. Calculate p-values for each variable to see if it works? Are these new variables directly or inversely related with temperature? With the additional data, does the multiple linear regression improve the fit, compared with the linear model above? Give R2R^2 value of the fit.

In [7]:
data['SeaLevelPressure'] = data['SeaLevelPressure'][data['SeaLevelPressure']!='M'] data['SeaLevelPressure'] = [float(item) for item in data['SeaLevelPressure']] data['DryBulbCelsius'] lm = smf.ols(formula='DewPointCelsius ~ DryBulbCelsius + SeaLevelPressure + WindSpeed', data=data).fit() lm.pvalues #lm.summary()
Intercept 2.945479e-22 DryBulbCelsius 1.084503e-66 SeaLevelPressure 2.908136e-21 WindSpeed 8.349756e-60 dtype: float64
In [ ]: