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ENSP 330 Homework 1

In this homework, you will get acquainted with the Jupyter Notebook, which we will be using extensively in this class. You will need to sign up on SageMathCloud and pay the fee for this semester to use the tool. If you find yourself stuck, please read the computing tutorial

Style Guide for Homeworks

There are multiple ways to earn full credit on your assignments. Along with a correct value, answers are expected to include units and to be in a reasonable notation. Reasonable notation would be an answer that does not have infinite digits (e.g. cannot equal 12389243.9343 joules, but must be written as 12.4 megajoules or 1.2e6 joules)

More about the style guide will be provided on the next homework


Fill in your list of twenty questions you would like to answer about energy and the environment in this class in the list below.

  1. How large is the U.S. energy grid composed of?
  2. How much of the grid is fed by renewables?
  3. How much of the globe is fed by renewables?
  4. What is the carbon footprint with renewables compared to fossil fuels?
  5. How much natural gas/ oil do we export?
  6. How much natural gas/ oil do we import?
  7. What is the oldest form of renewable resource that we have used?
  8. Is the U.S. planning on expanding nuclear energy?
  9. How much cleaner is nuclear energy compared to other sources?
  10. How much of Sonoma County is powered by Sonoma Clean Power?
  11. What is the politics behind the oil resevoirs in the Dakotas?
  12. What is the U.S. oil reserves?
  13. How much of the U.S. lack proficient energy?
  14. What is the average households consumption of energy?
  15. What is Europes energy grid composed of?
  16. Is our energy grid still growing?
  17. What does an energy grid even look like?
  18. What are some newer forms of energy?
  19. What form of energy do your prefer, nuclear, hydro, fossil fuels?
  20. How efficient is burning of fossil fuels?

Homework Image

Replace the image below with one of your choosing. You will need to upload your own image file, choose a name, and change the link below.

Simple Calculation

In the cell below, explain a simple calculation and show the results.

Here is my example.
How many people are married in the U.S?

We assume a population of 350 million and that 60% of the U.S. is average marriage age. We also assume that 75% of the people within that age are married.

In [1]:
# This is a comment and will not interfer with your work people = 35e7 fraction within marriage age = 0.60 fraction of the people married in that age = 0.75 people * fraction within marriage age * fraction of the people married in that age


Enter a table with some new values here:

column value
one 1
dos 2
tres 3
cuatro 4
cinco 5