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Author: William A. Stein
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Seattle Vert Ramp: Schedule

Seattle Vert Ramp: Schedule

The goal was to have the ramp built and ready to skate as soon as possible (probably early Feb. 2012), and we succeeded! The ramp is ready to skate. Join the Seattle Vertramp Facebook page.
  • (done, on time) August 2012: Excavation and concrete foundations (done)
  • (done, on time) Friday, Sept 7: First wood drop (67 sheets of 3/4 inch plywood and over 6,760 feet of 2x6's, and 672 feet of 4x6's)
  • (done, on time) 8am Saturday Sept 8 - 11am Sunday, Sept 9: Build the flat bottom
  • (done, on time) 11am Sunday, Sept 9 - 6pm Sunday, Sept 9: Build the first complete 8' wide by 13.5' tall framed transition section
  • (done, on time) Goal by Sunday, Sept 16: Finish framing the east side of the ramp.
  • (done, on time) Goal by Friday, Sept 21: Second wood drop -- mostly 3/8 plywood and more 2x6's
  • (done, on time) Goal by Sunday, Sept 23: Finish framing the west side of the ramp. Water seal the flat bottom and transitions.
  • (done) Friday, Sept 28: Had a small third wood drop.
  • (done, on time) Goal by Sunday, Sept 30: First layer of plywood on lower half of ramp; have decks framed.
  • (done, on time) Goal by Sunday, October 7: Finish second layer of plywood; more coping prep and cross bracing
  • (done, on time) Goal by Friday, October 12: Fourth wood drop -- 95 sheets of 3/8 high-quality plywood (third layer)
  • (done, on time) Scheduled for Friday, October 12: receive ClearSpan HD 55' x 60' tension fabric building shipment
  • (We have decided to significantly delay this step, in order to avoid damaging the third layer when erecting the covering; this still will probably wait until November 11) Goal by Sunday, October 14: Set coping in place; screw down third layer of plywood. Paint third layer. More cross bracing to hold the covering. Start assembly of covering.
  • (done) Goal by Sunday, October 21: Finish building scaffolding; start erecting covering
  • (done) Monday, October 22: Finish getting two trusses up
  • (done) We suffered a setback due to all of the trusses being assembled incorrectly. (This took about 4 hours to fix, as it turned out!)
  • (done) Goal by Sunday, October 28: Finish getting first two trusses completely locked down, cross braced, etc. Do something about the mud situation (gravel around the ramp)
  • (done, December 23, 2012): Finish erecting covering
  • (done Dec 28, 2012): Temporary lights
  • (half done on Dec 27-28): Gravel the muddy path down to the ramp
  • Finish building end-wall decks and awnings
  • Hang tarps on the bottoms of the end walls
  • True up the roof tarp (plan to spend Dec 29-30 weekend on this)
  • Remove and return scaffolding
  • (Assessed -- we will be removing the flat bottom ply): After drying the ramp out, assess the situation regarding water and scaffolding damage to the flat bottom. If it is too damaged, remove all flat bottom 3/4" ply and replace it. The 3/4" ply on the flat would then be used to sheet some of the end walls.
  • Replace or fix any wood on the transitions that is damaged.
  • Screw down the third layer of 3/8" ply
  • Find and fix every single point where the 3/8" ply of the third layer isn't ``perfect''.
  • Weld brackets on the steel pipe coping, and weld the coping together, while installing it (Thadd Grossi will order the pipe coping a week before).
  • Flip all the plywood on both decks over, revealing the good side, and screw it down flush against the coping.
  • Wood drop -- 95 sheets of birch. Also, acquire the coping.
  • Screw down final layer of birch diagonal.
  • Set the coping in place.
  • Sheet across the front of the pony wall on each deck.
  • Build a staircase on the southwest corner of the ramp.
  • Build a staircase on the southeast corner of the ramp.
  • Get power to the ramp (possibly cables in a pipe).
  • Install circuit box.
  • Install more permanent lights.
  • Remove temporary lights.
  • Install pool coping on extensions.
  • Get an internet connection and setup some always-on webcams.
  • Install a donations lock-box.
  • Install a sound system.