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Author: William A. Stein
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Vert Ramps

Vert Ramps

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Private Vert Ramps

  • Seattle Vert Ramp (video) is our ramp, and is pictured above. It's 56' wide, 13.5' tall with 2' vert, has 8' wide 15.5' extensions. It's four layers of wood and 1 layer of brand new Skatelite laid diagonally at an angle with all edges rounded. Come skate with us if you're in Seattle!!
  • Ryan Spence's warehouse in Tacoma, WA. There's a 20' wide 11' vert ramp, a spine mini ramp with several heights, a first class climbing wall, and much more!
  • Houston Vert Ramp: 13' x 60' G-Ramp, 2' of Vert, 18' Roll-ins and a 5' Channel Surfaced with Gator Skins, 5' x 12' sheets, 1/16th Round-Over, Diamond screw pattern. [email protected]

    Houston Vert Ramp, submitted by Scott Arnebold, Aug 2019.
  • Private Horse Ramp in Ohio. 13’8" tall, 2.2’ of vert, 50’ wide. (submitted by Brad Sparks, Sept 2018)
  • There is a Vert Ramp in Mexico city; it is the one from X-Games Mexico (submitted by Diego Soto, Nov 2016). The ramp is now (late 2018) being relocated. The new location is unknown but is gonna be in the same city. video 1, video 2.
  • Rich Pond's ramp in Jeddo, Michigan. 13', 11' Tranny, 2' Vert, 32' wide; Ramp Armor.
  • The DC ramp near San Diego
  • Hawk's Birdhouse ramp near San Diego
  • Elliot Sloan / Rockstar vert ramp near San Diego
  • Evando Mancha's vert ramp near San Diego: [video]
  • UC Berkeley's Vert Ramp [video]
  • Richmond (San Francisco Bay Area) indoor vert ramp
  • The Glow Ramp/Vert Jungle: Pismo Beach outdoor vert ramp owend by Robert Beaudoin -- 13' (11' radius, 2' vert) [pic]
  • Tom Schaar's backyard vert ramp somewhere in the LA area [pic]
  • Russel's backyard mini-vert ramp in Seattle: specs?
  • The "Texas Ramp" in Flagstaff, Arizona in 1989-1991 (no longer exists): 24' wide, 10.5' tall, 1' vert.

    Flagstaff, AZ -- submitted by Dennis Stein.

Public Vert Ramps

  • (added Sept 30, 2019 by Adam Varney) KONA skatepark in Jacksonville, Florida. Since the late 70s they have their original concrete vert ramp, as well as a slightly weathered massive ramp. Not sure of the dimensions. Old skate light or similar on it.

  • (added Sept 29, 2019 by Adam Varney) CT bike and indoor skatepark in Bristol, Connecticut. They have the world's oldest indoor skatepark and vert ramp. 1987 it was built and is still skated. 24’ wide, 9 1/2 - 10’ tall, 16’flat, 9’ transitions. The people who own the park are getting up in age and im not sure how this place can be revamped and preserved for the future. 32 years this place has been around.

    Bristol, CT
  • (added July 14, 2019 by Paul Keeffe) Mount Trashmore skatepark in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is free. 13.5’ x 40’
  • (added June 9, 2019 by eric block) Modern Skate Park in Royal Oak, Michigan has a 13' Indoor vert ramp
  • (added June 9, 2019 by eric block) Louisville, KY Extreme Park
  • (added March 4, 2019) Melbourne Vert Ramps
  • (added Nov 1, 2018) Buffalo, N.Y.: built by Rich Pond and Zach Lewis (of vertkeley / UC Berkeley). Located at Rainbow Roller Rink in North Tonawanda. It's $5 to skate. It's 50' long. 18' wide. 11' tall. 9 1/2' tranny 1 1/2' vert. Formally known as "keyholders ramp". [video]
  • 3rd Lair Skatepark in Minneapolis MN just built a vert ramp open to the public. (Unknown dimensions.)
  • Vert Ramp at Southpark BMX in Pittsburg, PA. [pic]
  • Bonn Vert Ramp: here and here
  • (GONE - park closed) Ollie's in Florence, KY. 13' tall with 2' of vert, 14' of flat, and 72' wide, indoor, Ramp Armour.
  • A New Public Vert Ramp in Sweden [pic]
  • CJ's Skatepark and School, Toronto, ON. 60' wide vert, 12' height for 40' of width, 11' height for 20'width. (Only 1.5' of vert)
  • The Underpass, Minneapolis MN. Specs: 13' tall with 2' of vert, 16' of flat, and 48' wide
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Midrand, South Africa, Free, 12.5ft (11.5ft tranny, 1ft Vert)
  • Mission Valley / Clairemont Mesa, San Diego, California: YMCA vert ramp; it's 60' wide, steel frame, and maybe 14' tall, with extensions. The old ramp: 13.5', with 14' and 14.5' extensions, a 17' roll-in in the middle, roughly 80' wide; a few bucks
  • Encinitas, San Diego, California: YMCA Vert ramp -- specs?; a few bucks (GONE!)
  • Rye Airfield: nearly exact replica of what you would find on the Dew Tour - 60′ wide, 12′ tranny, 2′ of vert, 22′ tall x 5′ wide roll-ins on either end of one side, Skatelite Pro surface
  • Colorado Springs [pic]: 56 ft wide, 13.5 ft tall, 15.5 ft extension, and 17.5 ft roll in
  • Philadelphia FDR park: 12' steel vert ramp under a bridge; totally free
  • Bath, England (in Victoria park): steel, 10' high, 9.5' transitions (?); totally free
  • There was a vert ramp at Academy Skatepark in San Diego; it shut down, and is rumored to be moving to Orange County.
If you know of one (public or private) that is not listed, email [email protected].
If you know the specs of one of these ramps (or if they are wrong above), let me know!
And of course this page is like a mini version of Dan's page, but just for vert ramps.