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Author: William A. Stein
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UW Number Theory Seminar

* Organizer: William Stein ([email protected]) * Mailing List:

Winter 2012

  • Thursdays 3:35 - 5:00pm in Padelford C401

May 24

CANCELLED -- Joel Bellaiche(Brandeis University); On Hecke algebras modulo $p$ -- We will present, motivate, and discuss special cases of a conjecture on the dimension and structure of the local components of the algebra of Hecke operators acting on the space of modular forms modulo a prime $p$ of a fixed level and all weights.

May 17

David Roe: The local Langlands correspondence and character sheaves -- The local Langlands correspondence is a theorem for GL_n due to Harris, Taylor and Henniart, and recent work of Arthur makes good progress toward establishing it for all classical groups. In this talk I will describe a different approach to local Langlands, pioneered by DeBacker and Reeder, that works for arbitrary split reductive groups but imposes restrictions on the starting Galois representation. In particular, I will focus on two stories: the extension of their method to tamely ramified unitary groups, and the beginnings of an effort to geometrize the method using character sheaves (joint with Clifton Cunningham).

May 3

Lola Thompson: Products of distinct cyclotomic polynomials -- A polynomial is a product of distinct cyclotomic polynomials if and only if it is a divisor over Z[x] of $x^n-1$ for some positive integer n. In this talk, we will examine two natural questions concerning the divisors of $x^n-1$: For a given n, how large can the coefficients of divisors of $x^n-1$ be? and How often does $x^n-1$ have a divisor of every degree between 1 and n? We will consider the latter question when $x^n-1$ is factored in both $Z[x]$ and $F_p[x]$, using sieve methods and other techniques from analytic number theory in order to obtain our results.

TUESDAY April 3, 1:30-2:30 (!)

Dinesh Thakur - Diophantine approximation of algebraic quantities in finite characteristic

Winter 2012

  • Thursdays 3:35 - 5:00pm in Padelford C401

Fall 2011

  • Thursdays 3:35 - 5:00pm in Padelford C401

Spring 2011

  • Fridays 3:30 - 4:30pm in Padelford C401


  • Public Calendar: XML, ICAL, HTML. If you use Google Calendar, I think you can add the number theory calendar to your calendar by pasting in the email address [email protected].

October 8, 2010

Ralph Greenberg will give his ICM talk on Selmer groups and congruences

October 15, 2010

Ralph Greenberg: part 2 of above

October 22, 2010

No seminar due to ECC

October 29, 2010

William Stein: Computing Hilbert modular forms of parallel weight 2 over Q(sqrt(5))

November 5, 2010

William Stein: "Q(sqrt(5)) is the new Q"

November 12, 2010

Jennifer Balakrishnan (MIT)

November 19, 2010

Hiren Maharaj -- constructing codes using modular curves

November 26, 2010

No seminar due to Thanksgiving

December 3, 2010

Sal Baig: The Average Analytic Rank in a Family of Quadratic Twists of an Elliptic Curve over Fq(t)F_q(t)

December 10, 2010

Jeff Achter (Colorado State): Split reductions of simple abelian varieties

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