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Author: William A. Stein
Compute Environment: Ubuntu 18.04 (Deprecated)
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Server Names

  1. boxen -- vmware & web services

  2. sage -- Sage development
  3. mod -- number theory
  4. geom -- geometry, etc
  5. disk -- storage

New server todo list

  • [wstein] BACKUPS, part -1: buy some disks for, e.g., boothby's office
  • [boothby] cron usync, force users to update passwords
  • [boothby] BACKUPS, part 0: Create an automated scripted rsync backup of /home/ disk to a disk boothby's office.
  • [boothby] make a trac server for this list and put everything in this list in that trac server.
  • (done) On the original boxen.math, do "apt-get install ntp"
  • (done) Get the servers into the Math department's DNS: boxen, sage, mod, and geom. (request made 2008-12-30)
  • [wontfix] Get into math department's dns
  • (done) canonicalize ilom logins as agreed in secret meeting.
  • (done) Network weirdness: ssh from geom to boxen is strangely broken. No idea why yet.
  • (done) Intall ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS server x86_64 (good to April 2013) on all four compute nodes.
  • (done) Install standard packages on compute nodes
    • sudo apt-get install g++ m4 make gfortran subversion git screen octave firefox automake autoconf emacs-snapshot flex bison libreadline-dev gdb ruby clisp gcl eclipse gimp gnupg imagemagick dvipng texlive tetex-base tetex-extra  tetex-bin texmacs valgrind latex-beamer gv mencoder mercurial mplayer scilab sqlite sqlite-doc  swig tk-dev wordnet  axiom git-core zip unzip finger irssi libstdc++5 libxp-dev libreadline-dev libkpathsea-dev libpango10-dev libpango1.0-dev libperl-dev cvs libtool zsh xorg-dev mesa-common-dev mesa-utils libgl1-mesa-dev libgl1-mesa-swx11-dev  libglu1-mesa-dev python-mode pyrex-mode emacs-goodies-el ecb mmm-mode python-docutils libgtk2.0-dev  libwxgtk2.8-dev python-wxgtk2.8 ntp vim-nox libxtst-dev manpages-dev
      Note: One machine will have apache, but not all need have apache. Also, upgrade:
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get upgrade
      Don't run the postgresql and mysql servers though, by default, since they are a security risk:
      [email protected]:/etc/rc2.d$ rm *mysql* *postgres*
  • (done) Install mathematica, maple, and matlab on each of geom, mod, sage, and boxen. (No magma unless somebody buys it with their grant.)
    • Note: The mathematica and matlab installs use a network license server, so they are easiest. Both are out of date versions, but the Ma*'s have hardly improved in the last year, so it doesn't much matter.
  • (done) [wstein] Setup vmware server on one of the boxes, and setup the following virtual machines:
    • (done) 64-bit ubuntu 8.04LTS webserver TEMPLATE
    • (done, nfs) 32-bit ubuntu 8.10
    • (done, nfs) 64-bit ubuntu 8.10
    • (done, nfs) 32-bit debian
    • (done, nfs) 64-bit debian
    • (done, nfs) 32-bit Mandriva
    • (done, nfs) 64-bit Mandriva
    • (done, nfs) 32-bit openSUSE
    • (done, nfs) 64-bit openSUSE
    • (done, nfs) 32-bit CentOS
    • (done, nfs) 64-bit CentOS
    • (done, nfs) 32-bit FreeBSD
    • (done, nfs) 64-bit FreeBSD
    • (done, nfs) 32-bit Fedora 10
    • (done, nfs) 64-bit Fedora 10 [install seems to hang forever; maybe server is down]
    • (done) OpenSolaris (x86_64)

    • (done) Solaris 10 (x86_64)
    • Windows Vista with SUA and *remote login* via ssh -- this will be done by somebody other than William Stein.
    • notebook server ( -- already made and sitting on bsd)
    • 64-bit ubuntu 8.04LTS server: web server ( -- sage project)
    • 64-bit ubuntu 8.04LTS server: web server ( -- modular forms and L-functions project)
    • 64-bit ubuntu 8.04LTS server: web server ( -- william stein's personal webspace)
  • [wstein] For all virtual machines, create an "upgrade" command that applies all security, etc., updates. Then use some distributed shell thing, so I can run that command as root on all machiens. That way I can upgrade everybody with one command without having to login to each.
  • [wstein] For all virtual machines, setup NTP (network time protocol) if it isn't already setup. Otherwise machine clocks get to be a total mess over time.
  • (done) Export /home/ via NFS.
  • (wontfix) [wstein] Create an NIS server that is appropriately locked down. This might just be:
    • One NIS server for the VMWARE devel cluster on sage.math that is locked down to only that private subnet.
  • (done) [wstein/boothby] A simple replication script for accounts on the other machines
  • (DONE) Configure the remote management cards
  • [boothby] Configure with up-to-date information and remove old stale users. Start using the list (it has never been used before).

  • (DONE) Add the grant numbers (SCREMS + FRG) that bought this hardware to *all* /etc/motd's.
  • (DONE) Figure out how to make Ubuntu's /etc/motd survive a reboot (probably really easy)? ANSWER: Edit /etd/motd.last
  • (done-ish: delete part not done) [boothby] Setup automatic rolling snapshots of /disk/home via ZFS and explain how users can access them. This page has tons of good links to info about snapshoting, backing up, etc. ZFS data:

  • (Done) Install OpenSolaris on

  • (done) Configure some sort of RAID and disk layout on disk.math:
    • a 2 terabyte /home partition that is shared on the whole cluster and is very well backed up in numerous ways, including to offsite USB disks, maybe the department tape, etc.,
    • the other 20 TB or so will be a single large partition. It will contain:
      • /scratch -- all users have access to this and are encouraged to put large stuff here; not backed up.
      • /db -- for large user databases that will be mainly served via the web and "computed on"; backed up on a case-by-case basis by the custodian of the data
  • [wstein] Move each web service over from to virtual server(s) running on boxen. All wiki's must be upgraded to the latest moinmoin, to avoid crappy spam. This means we *need* to upgraded moinmoin in sage. More of the following are listed in /home2/wiki/start on sagemathorg/.
    • (mostly done)

    • the msri wiki (possibly can migrate to a static website using wget or something)? This was used once for a summer workshop in 2006, and not again.
    • Arizona winter school wiki ("scag")
    • Arizona winter school application form.
  • (wontfix -- instead fix raid array config) ?? tune NFS speed:

2013-05-11 18:34