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WikiCourse/BasicIntroduction/060 How do I navigate?
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WikiCourse/BasicIntroduction/060 How do I navigate?

How do I navigate?

Searching and Navigation:

  • Backlinks (click on title)
  • Icons at top right (HelpOnNavigation)

  • Title search and full text search at bottom of page

Good places to start your Wiki exploration:

  • WikiSandBox: Sandbox page to play around and experiment with

  • RecentChanges: What has changed recently?

  • SiteNavigation: A list of the different indices of the Wiki

  • FindPage: Searching the Wiki by various methods

  • TitleIndex: A list of all pages in the Wiki

  • WordIndex: A list of all words in page titles (i.e. a list of keywords/concepts in the Wiki)

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