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Author: William A. Stein
Compute Environment: Ubuntu 18.04 (Deprecated)
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Math 480 Lecture 8

  1. Reminder that you should hand in homework (remark from Simon)
  2. Handout new homework (assignment 3) and briefly discuss it
  3. Today: Resources for figuring out how to solve problems using Sage:

    1. search_doc in Sage: search through the docstrings of all functions in Sage
    2. search_src in Sage: search the source code of the sage library
    3. Google! (especially "site:"): I don't know how to teach this, but can demonstrate skills and explain my thinking process.
    4. Python cookbook:

    5. Python documentation; tutorial and reference manual
    6. Cython documentation
    7. Numpy documentation
    8. Matlab documentation
    9. Question/answer site:

    10. Stackoverflow: (lots of QA about Python, Cython, and even Sage there).

    11. sage-support:

    12. Live chat: irc (and how easy it is to get on via java):

    13. CAS's in Sage: GAP, Singular, PARI, Maxima

2013-05-11 18:32