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Author: William A. Stein
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582e: Homework

These all uses macros.tex

Exercises for Section 1: The Analytic Class Number Formula

ex1.pdf ex1.tex

Exercises for Section 2: The Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture

ex2.pdf ex2.tex

Exercises for Section 3: Computing the Maximal Order (Round 2)

ex3.pdf ex3.tex

Exercises for Section 4: Class Groups

ex4.pdf ex4.tex

Exercises for Section 5: Class Groups

ex5.pdf ex5.tex

Exercises for Section 6: Class Groups

ex6.pdf ex6.tex

Exercises for Part 2, Section 1: Computational Problems Associated to the BSD Conjecture

ex7.pdf ex7.tex

Exercises for Part 2, Section 1.3: Minimal Models

ex8.pdf ex8.tex

Exercises for Part 2, Section 1.4: Computing Omega

ex9.pdf ex9.tex

Exercises for Part 2, Section 1.5: Computing Torsion

ex10.pdf ex10.tex

Exercises for Part 2, Section 1.7: Computing L

ex11.pdf ex11.tex

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