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Author: William A. Stein
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480b: Homework

Math 480b

How to turn in your homework

Exercise Set 1: Matrix and Linear Algebra

Due April 8

ex1.pdf ex1.tex macros.tex

Exercise Set 2: Symbolic Calculus

Due April 15

ex2.sws ex2.pdf solutions2.sws

Exercise Set 3: Number Theory

Due April 22

ex3.sws ex3.pdf solutions3.sws

Exercise Set 4: Cryptography

Due April 29

ex4.sws ex4.pdf solutions4.sws

Exercise Set 5: Graph Theory

Due May 6

ex5.sws ex5.pdf solutions5.sws

Exercise Set 6: Statistics

Due May 13

ex6.sws solutions6.sws

Exercise Set 7: Combinatorics

Due May 20

ex7.sws solutions7.sws

Exercise Set 8: Changing Sage

Due May 27


Exercise Set 9: Puzzles

Due June 3

ex9.sws solutions9.sws

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