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Author: William A. Stein
Eigenforms on the Supersingular Basis

Eigenforms on the Supersingular Basis

Let p be a prime number. Let D(p) be the Hecke module spanned by supersingular j-invariants in characteristic p. The subspace of elements of degree 0 is isomorphic to the space of cusp forms of weight 2 for 0(p). This table lists, for each normalized cuspidal eigenform f for 0(p), an eigenvector in the module D(p) with the same system of Hecke eigenvalues. The ordering of eigenforms extends that used by Cremona as follows:
  1. by dimension with smallest first,
  2. by sign of Atkin-Lehner with "+" being first,
  3. by absolute value of a2, a3, etc. with positive being first.
(I have not reordered in order to agree with historical exceptions in the beginning of Cremona's tables.)

p < 500
p <1000

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