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Author: William A. Stein
HECKE: Modular Forms Ssoftware in C++

HECKE: Modular forms software in C++

by William A. Stein

with contributions by Alex Brown, Kevin Buzzard, Ami Fischman, and Justin Walker.

Note: At present I am much more actively supporting the MAGMA version of HECKE. However, HECKE is completely open source GPL'd software, so anyone interested in downloading the sources and doing further work on it is very much welcome to do so!
  • To get oriented and see what HECKE does look at the short tutorial: tutorial files.
  • Primes database: HECKE uses some of the LiDIA arithmetic, so you should download the table LIDIA_PRIMES.gz of LiDIA primes and gunzip it.
  • Some screen shots.
  • Executables and source code prepared by Justin Walker (last updated September 2003):
    • Redhat Linux 9.0: hecke-redhat9-2003-09-29.tgz
    • Mac OS X: hecke-mac-2003-09-29.tgz

      Remark: The file LIDIA_PRIMES, a list of primes, is sometimes needed for the LiDIA functions during HECKE's operation. This is expected to be installed with LiDIA in the ".../share" directory. If the file cannot be found, you can execute hecke with the environment variable LIDIA_PRIMES_NAME set to its path. For example, if this file is installed in the "/usr/local" tree, this may work:
      % LIDIA_PRIMES_NAME=/usr/local/share/LiDIA/LIDIA_PRIMES hecke
      (if you are using sh/bash). The 2003-09-29 executables for Mac OS X and Redhat 9.0 will not properly find this file, so the above workaround is necessary.

  • Executables and source code from 1999:
    • LINUX executable: Download hecke-july99.gz (3MB), type "gunzip hecke-july99.gz", then "chmod +x hecke", and finally "hecke" to run.
    • SPARC Ultra executable: Ami Fischman created a Sun (SPARC ultra) executable.
      Download hecke.SUN.gz (2.3MB), type "gunzip hecke.SUN.gz", then "chmod +x hecke.SUN", and finally "hecke.SUN" to run. There are some caveats.
    • C++ source code: hecke-july99-src.tgz. Extract this file by typing gunzip hecke-july99-src.tgz followed by "tar -xvf hecke-july99-src.tgz". Look at the readme file.