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William A. Stein

Blacklisted Companies

These are the companies that have caused me extreme frustration and unhappiness. I recommend against being the customer of any of these companies. Avoid buying from them if at all possible.

  • Carlson Wagonlit Travel Agency: Incompetence. They stranded me in Germany on 29 July 2001 by irresponsibly neglecting to send certain information to Air France. They also have forgot to mail tickets to me. I will never buy tickets from them again, and will actively seek compensation for some of the expenses incurred while stranded.

  • Air France: (This is related to the above complaint.) Air France cancelled my reservation, even though I already paid for the ticket and have a receipt! AND, I had already flown *to* Germany (Air France cancelled my reservation after I flew to Germany; how did they think I would get home??)

  • internet service provider. Poor and unclear communication. Would not give a partial reimbursement on 2-year service.

  •, who sell refurbished and new computers. If you call them, expect to wait for HOURS while listening to horrible advertisements before speaking to an operator that lies, not out of mallice but because the internal structure and communication at Intellesale is very poor. Purchasing from Intellesale has been the worst consumer experience of my life.