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Cal Skateboarding Club Homepage

a student organization of

UC Berkeley

This is the homepage for the Cal Skateboarding Club, U.C. Berkeley's student resource for skateboarders. For more information on the club or to submit information email [email protected]. This page was last modefied on 5/16/97.

Current Club Projects


Club T-shirts are ready for purchase and they are going fast. Make your friends jealous and buy yours today; email [email protected]. Inkyfingers Screenprinting made the shirts for us. Check out the shirt design (note: the tshirt will have much sharper image).


Here are some photos that were taken by our team photographer Joe Gatdula. Some are from the Wicked demo, One at Marin school, and the others at a backyard miniramp skate jamathon.

Berkeley Public Skatepark... Yeah

The Berkeley public skatepark project is alive and well.

  • The Parks & Rec. meeting on April 28thwas a complete success. The committee said "This looks not like something we want to do, but something we have to do." Needless to say, there was a tremendous vibe throughout the meeting at which over 50 skaters showed up to support the project. The proposed "Harrison" site is off of Gilman in North Berkeley, near San Pablo. U.C. Berkeley student Nathan French is head of the youth commission that is helping to oversee the project... Go Bears.
  • I went to a meeting at the mayor's office on May 8th to go over the plan of attack to obtain a public skatepark in Berkeley. Mayor Sherley Dean was a very nice person and thinks that skateboarders definitley need a place to practice their sport and she is going to help us make the park happen. The community group Friends of a Berkeley Skatepark (F.O.A.B.S) is leading this movement to get the park built. This group is being run by Kate Obenour. The group is trying to raise funds to get the ball rolling. There is going to be an event, probably on Center St. between Milvia and MLK, to raise public awareness for the park. There will be ramps (Wicked said they would donate all the ramps that were used in the April 27th demo) and maybe some bands. Keep your eyes and ears open for info on exact date, but it will probably happen early/mid June. F.O.A.B.S. will try to use the event as a means of fundraising somehow. For info on F.O.A.B.S. email Nathan French at [email protected].
  • AB1296 this link is also at the bottom of the page, but it is so important that it deserves the attention. State Assembly Bill 1296 releases providers of skateboarding locations from liability because skateboarding is dangerous, just like skiing etc. This link will give you the current scoop and it has a feature that will email you when new progress in the bill's status occurs.
  • Skate Club Newsletter

    The Club is in the first phase of a newsletter and will be looking for submissions from members. We would like to include some cool pictures of club members skating. I have a few of some anonymous skaters skating an undisclosed pool, before their activities were Kerr-tailed by the authorities. Wanna see a couple of pics at the unknown pool.

    U.C. Skatepark?

    U.C. San Diego had a vert ramp, and we want one too. Yes, we are still working on getting the University to let us use some dirt to put some ramps on top of. The process is slow going because nobody likes skaters. The Northside tennis courts (Berkeley banks) were ruled inaccessible because the "Wives of U.C. Faculty" organization plays tennis there every morning and they don't like skateboarders or seeing them have fun. Apparently the organization is very powerful because they do fund raising for U.C. which is far greater than the (50 students)*(6,000/student)=6,000/student) = 300,000 the students that comprise the Cal Skateboarding Club pay the University every year in registration fees. Oh yeah, I'm also from CA and my parents and I pay CA income tax. But, I'm not dwelling on it or anything... no really... I swear... I'm not... OK just a little.

    Club Members

    Drew Adams, Eman Azizi, Matt Bainer, Adam Baron, Nate Bear, Dylan Benjamin, Andrew Byron, Bryan Canley , Mason Carroll, Casey Chapin, Peter Chizever, Liam Connel, Mike Cowles, Carleton Curtis, Greg Dalton, Alex Falk, Tim Flick, Sean Fogarty , Breck Foulkes, Todd Frank, Chris Galp, Zev Gartner, Joe Gatdula, Cameron Glasgow, Jeremey Graybill, Brian Greer, Andy Grieshop, Oded Gurantz, Matt Harty, Ryan Johnson, Peter Kang, Jim Kring, Martin Ku, Dave Leon, John Letzing, Andy Long, Raung Long, John Meher, Brad Meyer, Paavo Monkkonen, Merrin Morse, Arvin Pasricha, Mike Sam, Nathan Saso, Bill Stein, Matt Stone, Adrian Strelzow, Chris Strong, Josh Taron, Zach Thompson, Kevin Tucker, Ben Urich, Brett Walburge, Jamie Warren-Mordecai, Erol Yildiz,


    • This is a cool site with everything you'd want to see...
    • AB1296 any skater in CA should know that this State Assembly Bill will get them a public skate park. It releases providers of skateboarding locations from liability because skateboarding is dangerous, just like skiing etc. This link will give you the current scoop and it has a feature that will email you when new progress in the bill's status occurs.

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