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San Diego, Beach, MBE/
San Diego Hiking, Ocean View, Thanksgiving 99/
William's Graduation/
Snow, March 2000/
Schulz Lake (2-29-00), Canoe, 35 Whiskey Before Br/
Piano, Stereo, 11-21-00/
Party at our house, 9-23-00/
Mike and Fran/
Map of Parks, Keyhole Sink/
Lloyd and Christina/
Llama, Squirrel, Snow/
Instrument Convention--Jan 27, 2001/
Frank and Dad Here, Giuleiti Keyboard/
Elk Nov 30, 2001/
Elk Feb 25, 2001/
East Coast Delivery/
Dec 1, 2001 Puppies/
Blue Accordian Key Layout Photo, Employee of Year/