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This file is the README of the ftr version 0.1a.
* The summary ftr the Ruputer and the Linux (the x86) is the program which designates that it exchanges the file between the machine as purpose. In addition, from the fact that manner of operation has been similar to FTP command, it made the name, ftr. In addition, it is abbreviation of the File Transfer tool for Ruputer. Presently various functions are excluded also version number with the 0.1a young. As for the one which does not like, you remodel by your, or wait patiently or please do. In addition, if you follow the ftr the GPL which is the free software which the license is done with the GPL use and distribution are free.
* The note ftr presently is Beta release. Because also the possibility of being dangerous it is, when you use, please use in itself responsibility. After using the ftr, concerning some problem, the authorized personnel and the writer other than the employer altogether responsibility do not take. In addition, it probably is Beta release, unless it probably will be, the writer and the like all responsibility the end trap it is and thing is written on the GPL.
Method of using the one ftr of using is explained.
Ftr [ -v ] [ -l device of serial ] [ command [ command argument command argument ] ]
The way you use. As for the device of the serial, when it does not appoint, the /dev/ttyS0 is used with default. When command is not appointed, as for the ftr like the FTP prompt of the ftr appears, becomes interactive mode. You can use Lee's hiss To this time by the readline function. When command is appointed, executing command, it ends. For example, when the Ruputer docking station is connected to the RS-23C2c port of 2 stuffing, would like to use with interactive mode,
$ ftr -l /dev/ttyS1
With it does. Is not interactive mode and when in put command, the test.exf which is in the current directory, is transferred to the Ruputer of the /dev/ttyS1,
$ ftr -l /dev/ttyS1 put test.exf
It makes the way. Temporarily, doubtfully, operating when the program ends, please remove the Ruputer from the docking station.
In addition, when the ftr stops saying also the ?? also the ??, please force ending with such as CTRL-C and.
* Option -V -v where version is indicated -l where version is indicated the use serial device is appointed.
From prompt of command interactive mode, in addition, it is summary of the command which you use as command line argument to the ftr. The close which modifies the current working directory of the cd Ruputer you cannot use, (the ^^; The help help which from the get Ruputer which deletes the file inside the delete Ruputer which copies the file inside the cp Ruputer transfers the file to the local machine is indicated? The open which renames the file inside the mV Ruputer which inside the mkdir Ruputer which the file of the ls Ruputer which indicates the current working directory of the lpwd local machine which executes the lls /bin/ls which modifies the current working directory of the lcd local machine which indicates help the list is shown newly digs the directory cannot be used, (the ^^; Version of the OS of the ver Ruputer which deletes the directory inside the rmdir Ruputer which deletes the file inside the rm Ruputer which renames the file inside the rename Ruputer which ends the quit program which indicates the current working directory of the pwd Ruputer which from the put local machine transfers the file to the Ruputer is indicated * When does not do problematical point * timeout processing and, * it fails, retry the LOCK file of the eternally is repeated, * serial device is not drawn up, * Japanese non- correspondence.
The it is troubled, LF with sending and receiving of the file of Japanese file name -> there is no ASCII mode which converts to the CR+LF automatically. Kanji character code conversion we want * error indication English. Furthermore Lee's hen * hiss To saving is not done the, the possibility where * Linux (the x86) at other than it does not operate (with the work work which is said you do not verify and) by the way, with the BSD cannot compile from the difference of the tty and the fcntl the large * cord/code does not become the scurvy, the etc. which * man page... *
Concerning the writer before the name:
It is deep shoal Cho Akira year age: Unknown (laughing)
classified by characteristic: Ahead man communicating: [email protected]
You sending the mail, please do not expect replying and coping.
Whether the sync for the Linux the among those the person who is done it makes, the ?????....
So please do not expect. Whether it recreates the rulib of the Imai Hiroshi English rutool in the core, the ?????. Without knowing, it becomes sometime, however it does. Thanks to put, lending, the splash, thank you. Releasing the data concerning the Ruputer without either reluctance, SEIKO instruments corporation, thank you. Only the GNU which releases the tool which begins the GCC, has always taken care in the GNU tool. Thank you. Only the Linux developer has taken care, after all, always. Thank you. Lastly, everyone having interest in the ftr, thank you.
Copyright (C) 1998 N.Fukase, All Right Reserved.