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\Large\bf Budget Justification Page
\item[A] SENIOR PERSONNEL:  The PI is requesting 2/9 of his
regular salary.  This request is based on current annual salary
with 3\% increase for each successive year.

\item[B] OTHER PERSONNEL:  Support for two undergraduates to work
on the modular forms database for two months each summer.

\item[C] FRINGE BENEFITS:  Fringe benefits for summer salary for
the first year will be 22.3\%, 23.3\% for the second year
 and 24.3\% for the 3rd year.  Fringe benefits for undergraduates will
be 7.6\% for two years and 8.6\% for 3rd year.

\item \textbf{Web server:} Apple Mac G5 dual 2GHz processors with
8GB RAM, 2x250GB Serial-ATA hard disks, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
graphics adapter, 23" Apple Flat Panel display, including hardware
service: \$\textbf{9,894.00}.   This computer will be the web
server that supports the modular forms database.  It will also be
used to extend the tables in the database.%

\item \textbf{Disk array:} Apple Xserve RAID mass storage device
with 2.52 Terabytes disk space (14x180GB Ultra ATA disks), single
Apple Fibre Channel PCI host controller, enhanced RAID Controller
Cache and Cache Battery Backup, including hardware service:
\$\textbf{11,732.00}.  This is where the modular forms database
will be stored.


\item TRAVEL:
\item \textbf{Domestic:} Visit UC Berkeley periodically to meet
with collaborators (Ken Ribet on textbook, Robert Coleman, and
Bjorn Poonen): \$\textbf{1500}.  Attend the winter AMS meeting:

\item \textbf{Foreign:}  Every other summer, I usually travel to
Germany (Oberwolfach), France, and Spain to attend summer
conferences and work at the Max Planck Institute:

\item  \textbf{Material and Supplies:}
\item Money for {\bf scientific books} which will be required to
conduct my research.  For example, money to purchase books that
describe new computer technology that may be used to enhance the
modular forms database. \$\textbf{500}/year.%
\item \textbf{Portable computer:} \$\textbf{2500} for a Thinkpad
T40 laptop, which will be used by the PI for interactive
presentations of research results, development of {\sc Magma}
software and the web interface to the modular forms database, and
complex modular forms computations during presentations or when
internet access is not available to the PI.

\item \textbf{Modular curves seminar:}  Support for the modular
curves seminar, which I organize, to help defer the
expenses of outside speakers.  \$\textbf{1000}/year%