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\title{A List of All of My Papers}
\author{William Stein}
\date{April, 1998}
I sat down one night and sorted through all of my papers.
This list is the result.
adler, notes on flt
agash, the dual abelian variety: construction
alphabets, a list of the alphabets used in math typesetting
altman, compactifying the picard scheme
altman, kleiman, compactifying the picard scheme II
andrews, euler's pentagonal number theorem
andrews, multiple series rogers-ramanujan type identities
apostol, vu, dirichlet series related to the riemann zeta function
artin, versal deformations and algebraic stacks
artin, winters, degenerate fibres and stable reduction of curves
ash, mod p cohomology of gl(n,z) and galois representations
ash, stevens, modular forms in characteristic l and special values of their l-functions
atiya, wall, cohomology of groups, chapter 4 of cassells-frohlich = g.c. part of serre's local fields
atiyah, the role of algebraic topology in mathematics
atkin, lehner, hecke operators on gamma_0(m)
baker, an introduction to class field theory (old copy)
baker, t_1,...,t_g generating the hecke algebra
baker, wiel pairings
bashmakov, the cohomology of abelian varieties over a number field
berkeley prelim problems
bertolini, darmon, heegner points, p-adic l-functions, and the cerednik-drinfeld uniformization
bertolini, darmon, kolyvagin's descent and mordell-weil groups over ring class fields
bertolini, darmon, kolyvagin's descent and mordell-weil groups over ring class fields
bertolini, darmon, non-triviality of families of heegner poitns and ranks of selmer groups over anticyclotomic towers
besser, euler systems for higher-weight modular forms
besser, on the finiteness of sha for motives associated to modular forms
besser, on the kolyvagin cup product
birch, conjectures concerning elliptic curves
birch, cyclotomic fields and kummer extensions
birch, elliptic curves over q: a progress report
blasius, on the critical values of hecke l-series
bloch, a note on height pairings, tamagawa numbers, and the birch and swinnerton-dyer conjecture
bloch, algebraic k-theory and classfield theory for arithmetic surfaces
bosch, abelian varieties from the rigid analytic viewpoint
boston, a refinement of the faltings-serre method
boston, lenstra, ribet, quotients of group rings arising from two-dimensional representations
bremner, on diagonal cubic surfaces
bremner, on euler's quartic surface
bremner, some quartic curves with no points in any cubic field
brinkhuis, bart de smit, cyclotomic fields exercises
brownawell, masser, vanishing sums in function fields
buhler, gross, zagier, on the conjecture of birch and swinnerton-dyer for an elliptic curve of rank 3  (explicity computational stuff)
buium, differential algebraic geometry and diophantine geometry: an overview
buzzard, an email about zp tensor zp not being noetherian
buzzard, integral modesl of certain shimura curves
buzzard, letters on euler systems from kevin
buzzard, on euler systems and rubin's kolyvagin paper
buzzard, some of his thesis in a blue dossier
buzzard, summary of cyclotomic euler system stuff
cantor, computing in the jacobian of a hyperelliptic curve
cantor, on the analogue of the division polynomials for hyperelliptic curves
carlitz, a note on wolstenholme's theorem (has to do with 1+1/2+1/3+1/4+...)
casselman, on representations of gl_2 and the arithmetic of modular curves
cassels, arithmetic on curves of genus 1, I. on a conjecture of selmer. 
cassels, arithmetic on curves of genus 1, III. the tate-shafarevich group and selmer groups
cassels, arithmetic on curves of genus 1, IV, proof of the hauptvermutung, 
cassels, arithmetic on curves of genus 1, V. two counterexamples (order\neq index, ?), letter from bjorn poonen stapled on back
cassels, arithmetic on curves of genus 1: sha can be arbitrarily large
cassels, arithmetic on elliptic curves
cassels, guy, on the hasse principle for cubic surfaces
chai, norman, bad reduction of the seigel moduli scheme of genus two with gamma_0(p)-level structure
coates and mcconnel, iwasawa theory of modular elliptic curves of analytic rank at most 1
coleman, duality for the de rham cohomology of an abelian scheme
coleman, effective chabauty
coleman, hodge-tate periods and p-adic abelian integrals
coleman, iovita, the frobenius and monodromy operators for curves and abelian varieties
coleman, p-adic pertubations and modular forms
coleman, torsion points on modular curves
colloit-thelene, swinnerton-dyer, hasse principle and weak approximation for pencils of severi-brauer and similar varieties
coray, algebraic points on cubic hypersurfaces
csirik, list of spectral sequences references
csirik, on the characteristic polynomials of the hecke operator t_2 on s_k(sl_2(z),c)
csirik, qualifying exam syllabus
daberkow, fieker, kluners, pohst, roegner, schornig, wildanger, kant v4: (a paper on kant!)
darmon, euler systems and refined conjectures of birch and swinnerton-dyer type
darmon, faltings plus epsilon, wiles plus epsilon, and the generalized fermat equation
darmon, hyperelliptic curves, hilbert modular forms, and fermat's last theorem
darmon, merel, winding quotients and some variants of fermat's last theorem
darmon, notes to me about genus one curves
debarre, klassen, points of low degree on smooth plane curves
delign, mumford, the irreducibility of the space of curves of given genus
delign, rapoport, les schemas de modules de courbes elliptiques
deligne, varietes abeliennes ordinaires sur un corps fini
diamond, kramer, modularity of a family of elliptic curves
diamond, the refined conjecture of serre
diamond, the taylor-wiles construction and multiplicity one
edixhoven, neron models and tame ramification
edixhoven, rational torsion points on elliptic curves over number fields [after kamienny and mazur]
edixhoven, serre's conjecture
edixhoven, the weight in serre's conjectures on modular forms
ekedahl, on supersingular curves and abelian varieties
elkies, math 259: introduction to analytic number theory
elkies, on a^4+b^4+c^4=d^4  (he finds infinitely many solutions on it disproving a case of an euler conjecture)
elkies, the existence of infinitely many supersingular primes for every elliptic curve over q
ellis, the story of non-secret encryption (looks like notes for a talk on public key cryptosystems)
estrada-sarlabous, on the jacobian varieties of picard curves defined over fields of characteristic p>0
falk, some papers and emails on hyperplane arrangements
fermigier, zeros des fonctions l de courbes elliptiques
flach, a finiteness theorem for the symmetric square of an elliptic curve
flach, a generalisation of the cassels-tate pairing
fontaine, formes differentielles et modules de tate des varieties abeliennes sur les corps locaux
fontaine, letter to jannsen in which he proves that his conjecture about p-adic monodromy is really true
fontaine, messing, p-adic periods and p-adic etale cohomology
fontaine, messing, p-aidc periods and p-adic etale cohomology
frey, construction and arithmetical applications of modular forms of low weight
frietag, kiehl, etale cohomology and the weil conjectures (just up to page 25 or so)
geemen, kallen, top, verberkmoes, hecke eigenforms in the cuspidal cohomology of the congruence subgroups of sl(3,z)
gelbart, automorphic forms and artin's conjecture
goldman, millson, eichler-shimura homology and the finite generation of cusp forms by hyperbolic poincare series
gonzalez, hasse-witt matrices for the fermat curves of prime degree
gross, a tameness criterion for galois representations associated to modular forms (mod p)
gross, kolyvagin's work on modular elliptic curves
gross, rohrlich, some results on the mordell-weil group of the jacobian of the fermat curve
gross, zagier, heegner points and derivatives of l-series (just the start and end...)
grothendieck, fondements de la geometrie algebrique, extraits du sem. bourbaki, 1957-62 (it looks hard, whatever it is...)
gruenberg, profinite groups (chapter 5 of cassels-frohlich)
handouts, AMS BeNeLux Congress, the antwerp joint ams meeting in belgium, summer 1996. 
handouts, abc conjecture workshop, tucson, march 1998
handouts, conference: seattle mathfest
handouts, conference: symposium on the riemann hypothesis (in seattle, right after mathfest)
handouts, from the dc conference, spring 1996
handouts, jami conference at john hopkins, march 97
handouts, newton institute and cambridge, march 1998
handouts, notes, lille conference in france, summer 1996
handouts, winter 1997 ams meeting, san diego
handouts/notes, asilomar, winter 1995
harase, on the index-period problem for algebraic curves and abelian varieties
harris, higgins, prime generators with parabolic limits
hartshorne, math reviews of many of his papers
hijikata, explicit formula for the trace of hecke operators for gamma_0(n)
howe, large torsion subgroups of split jacobians of curves of genus 2 or 3 (handouts for berkeley nts)
howe, leprevost, poonen, large torsion subgroups of split jacobians of curves of genus two or three
howe, leprevost, poonen, large torsion subgroups of split jacobians of curves of genus two or three
ibukiyama, katsura, on the field of definition of superspecial polarized abelian varieties and type numbers
igusa, on local zeta functions
iwasawa, a note on kumer extensions
jones, diophantine representation of mersenne and fermat primes
jones, sato, wada, wiens, diophantine representation of the set of prime numbers
kamienny, torsion points on elliptic curves and q-coefficients of modular forms
kamienny, torsion points on elliptic curves over all quadratic fields
kanevsky, applications of the conjecture on the manin obstruction to various diophantine problems
kaplansky, quadratic forms
kaskel, list of elliptic curves references
kaskel, the adelic image of galois associated to j_0(37)
kato, generalization of class field theory
katz, lang, finitentess theorems in geometric classfield theory
katz, p-adic properties of modular schemes and modular forms
klassen, schaeffer, arithmetic and geometry of the curve y^3+1=x^4
kneser, semi-simple algebraic groups (chapter 10 of cassels-frohlich)
koblitz, a family of jacobians suitable for discrete log cryptosystems
koblitz, hyperelliptic cryptosystems
koblitz, jacobi sums, irreducible zeta-polynomials, and cryptography
koblitz, p-adic variation of the zeta-function over families of varieties defined over finite fields
kodama, a family of hyperelliptic function fields with hasse-witt-invariant zero
kohel, ph.d. thesis, endomorphism rings of elliptic curves over finite fields
kolyvagin, euler systems (in the grothendieck feitschrift)
kolyvagin, finiteness of e(q) and sha(e,q) for a subclass of weil curves
kolyvagin, logachev, finiteness of sha over totally real fields
kolyvagin, logachev, finiteness of the shafarevich-tate group and the group of rational points for some modular abelian varieties
kolyvagin, on the mordell-weil and shafarevich-tate groups for weil elliptic curves
kolyvagin, on the structure of selmer groups
kolyvagin, on the structure of selmer groups 
kolyvagin, on the structure of shafarevich-tate groups (in slnm 1479)
kramer, special cycles on shimura varieties of odd orthogonal groups, the theta-correspondence and hecke actions
lam, representation theory problems
lang (william lang), extremal rational elliptic surfaces in characteristic p
lang, hiv ? aids, have we been misled?
lang, on the zeta function of number fields
lang, tate, principal homogeneous spaces over abelian varieties
lang, tate, principal homogeneous spaces over abelian varieties
lang, units and class groups in number theory and algebraic geometry
langlands, modular forms and l-adic representations
langlands, on the zeta-functions of some simple shimura varieties
langlands, shimura varieties and the selberg trace formula
larsen, two-dimensional systems of galois representations
lenstra, complex multiplication structure of elliptic curves
lenstra, math 254b: class field theory, problems
lenstra, oort, abelian varieties having purely additive reduction
lenstra, oort, zarhin, abelian subvarieties
lenstra, primality testing and artin symbols
lewis, candid camera: some pictures of number theorists in 1969 (including kubota, dwork, iwasawa, selberg, baker, hpfs-d, mahler)
lichtenbaum, duality theorems for curves over p-adic fields
lichtenbaum, duality theorems for curves over p-adic fields (copy 2)
lichtenbaum, the period-index problem for elliptic curves
logachev, kolyvagin's method for shimura varieties: new type of euler systems. I. 
manin, cyclotomic fields and modular curves
manin, mathematics as metaphor + a fairly good copy of a picture of him on the cover
manin, the hasse-witt matrix of an algebraic curve
marchisotto, zakeri, an invitation to integration in finite terms
mason, diophantine equations over function fields
mazur, a survey/expository paper on questions of decidaility and undecidability in number theory
mazur, arithmetic on curves (looks like a great survey article)
mazur, floppy disk, euler systems lecture notes for course, spring 1998
mazur, questions about numbers
mazur, rational points of abelian varieties with values in towers of number fields
mazur, rational points of abelian varieties with values in towers of number fields (copy 2)
mazur, swinnerton-dyer, arithmetic of weil curves
mazur, tate, teitelbaum, on p-adic analogues of the conjectures of birch and swinnerton-dyer
mazur, the topology of rational points 
mccallum, duality theorems for neron models
mccallum, kolyvagin's work on shafarevich-tate groups
mccallum, on the method of coleman and chabauty
merel, bornes pour la torsion des courbes elliptiques sur les corps de nombres
merel, the arithmetic of elliptic curves and diophantine equations
mestre, constructions polynomiales et theorie de Galois
miller, ezra, qualifying exam syllabus
milne, on the arithmetic of abelian varieties
milne, on the arithmetic of abelian varieties
milne, on the arithmetic of abelian varieties
milne, shimura varieties: the geometry side of the zeta function
milnor, algebraic k-theory of quadratic forms
moret-bailly, diophantine and moduli problems over rings of algebraic integers, notes by jeff achter
murty, elliptic curves and modular forms
murty, the notion of a shimura variety
nagao, on the rank of elliptic curve y^2=x^3-kx
nagashima, on rational points of algebraic curves of genus one
nagashima, on rational points of algebraic curves of genus one
nakagawa, horie, elliptic curves with no rational points
nguyen, letter to me about a question oi asked him on zeros of power series with rational coefficients
nguyen, the theory of (adult) drawings
nguyen, the transcendence of e and pi
notes and solutions, serganova's 261
notes, alevras, 185, complex analysis
notes, coleman's 254a
notes, fred teti's 202a topology class, notes and exercises
notes, fred teti's notes from when he took hartshorne's 256a.
notes, matt baker's qualifying exam review notes
notes, my noes on mat 261a, lie groups
notes, ogus, notes by kirsten on ogus 254a course
notes, rubin, notes of popescu on karl rubin's ohio state course on euler systems
nygaard, slopes of powers of frobenius on crystalline cohomology
oort, hyperelliptic supersingular curves
oort, moduli of abelian varieties in positive characteristic
pizer, an algorithm for computing modular forms on gamma_0(n)
poonen, computational aspects of curves of genus at least 2
poonen, congruences relating the order of a group to the number of conjugacy classes
poonen, schaefer, explicit descent for jacobians of cyclic covers of the projective line
poonen, torsion in rank 1 drinfeld modules and the uniform boundedness conjecture
raynaud, schemas en groupes de type (p,...,p)
ribenboim, consecutive powers
ribenboim, recent results about fermat's last theorem
ribenboim, review of weil's number theory, an approach through history from hammurapi to legendre
ribet, a modular construction of unramified p-extensions of q(mu_p)
ribet, a modular construction of unramified p-extensions of q(mu_p) (copy 2)
ribet, from the taniyama-shimura conjecture to fermat's last theorem (proof of TS-->FLT)
ribet, galois representations and modular forms
ribet, hayes, fermat's last theorem and modern arithmetic (in the american scientist)
ribet, irreducible galois representations arising from component groups of jacobians
ribet, lowering the levels of modular representations without multiplicity one
ribet, multiplicities of p-finite mod p galois representations in j_0(Np)
ribet, on modular representations of gal(qbar/q) arising from modular forms
ribet, on the equation a^p+2^alpha b^p + c^p = 0
ribet, parametrizations of elliptic curves by shimura curves and by classical modular forms, handout for the dc conference)
ribet, report on mod l representations of gal(qbar/q) 
risch, the problem of integration in finite terms
risch, the solution of the problem of integration in finite terms
rohrlich, modular curves, hecke correspondences, and l-functions
roquette, analytic theory of elliptic functions over local fields
roquette, isomorphisms of generic splitting fields of simple algebras
roquette, on the galois cohomology of the projective linear group and its applications to the construction of generic splitting fields of algebras
rosenlicht, integration in finite terms
rosenlicht, some basic theorems on algebraic groups
rubin, appendix to lang's cyclo fields on the main conjecture
rubin, descents on elliptic curves and complex multiplication
rubin, elliptic curves with complex multiplication and the conjecture of birch and swinnerton-dyer
rubin, euler systems and modular elliptic curves
rubin, lower bounds for selmer groups
rubin, p-adic l-functions and rational points on elliptic curves with complex multiplication
rubin, review of rubins sln 1399 article. 
rubin, the work of kolyvagin on the arithmetic of elliptic curves
rubin, the work of kolyvagin on the arithmetic of elliptic curves (copy 2)
saito, arithmetic on two dimensional local rings
sansuc, principe de hasse, surfaces cubiques et intersections de deux quadriques
sarnak, my notes from his berkeley talks (the rufus bowen lectures)
schaefer, class groups and selmer groups
schaefer, computing a selmer group of a jacobian using functions on the curve
schaefer, letter to me on how to compute e(q), april, 1997
segal, on the automorphism groups of certain lie algebras
serre, a big photo copy of a photo of him
serre, cohomologie et geometrie algebrique
serre, cohomology and algebraic geometry (i translated this from french to english)
serre, local class field theory (chapter 6 of cassels-frohlich)
serre, proprietes conjecturales des groupes de galois motiviques et des representations l-adiques
serre, proprietes galoisiennees des points d'ordre fini des courbes elliptiques
serre, seminar on complex multiplication
serre, sur les representations modulaires de degre 2 de gal(qbar/q)
serre, tate, good reduction of abelian varieties
serre, zeta and l functions
shalit, the explicit reciprocity law in local class field theory
shatz, the cohomology of certain elliptic curves over local fields and quasi-local fields
shimura, on abelian varieties with complex multiplication
shiu, counting sums of two squares: the meissel-lehmer method
siksek, on serre's equation: x^4+y^4=17z^4, (he proves that the 8 rational points are all of them)
silverberg, explicit families of elliptic curves with prescribed mod n representations
silverberg, generic abelian varieties: the unitary case
silverberg, points of finite order on abelian varieties
silverberg, zarhin, semistable reduction of abelian varietes over extensions of small degree
silverman, chapter X of AEC I, computing the mordell-weil group
silverman, the cubic thue equation
silverman, the s-unit equation over function fields
smirnov, hurwitz inequalities for number fields
stein, 'solutions', fall 96 lim p_n/p_{n+1}, stephen's question, closure of subgroup of algebraic group
stein, a manilla envelope of stuff i thought about in 1995
stein, doodles
stein, euro floppy disk, summer 1997, in hotel canada folder
stein, genus one curves of arbitrary index, rough notes, summer 97
stein, hartshorne's homological algebra, notes and solutions to exercises
stein, hecke algebras, modular forms, and flt, notes from ribet's math 274, spring 1996 
stein, my handout on the proof of the main conjecture of iwasawa theory
stein, my notes for when i talk math 55: discrete mathematics, at uc berkeley, summer 1997
stein, my notes from a talk of lenstra on group cohomology and galois descent, dec 96.
stein, my notes of a meeting with him in his office in august, 1997.  i asked about explicitly computing on jacobians
stein, my notes of peter stevenhagen's talk on generating class fields using shimura reciprocity, march 1997
stein, my notes on karl rubin's berkeley colloquium talk on euler systems, feb 1998
stein, my spring 97 yellow pad, contains notes from the jami conference in baltimore
stein, my yellow notebook april-may 1997, pacific northwest n.t. conference, greenberg, vaius, darmon, edixhoven, ribet, loic
stein, my yellow notebook july- 1997, penn state conference
stein, my yellow notebook may-june 1997, euro diary, examples
stein, notes about a question tom tucker asked me, fall 97
stein, notes for 254b, typeset in tex.
stein, notes from 256a and 254a, fall 96
stein, notes from a talk of joe wetherell on his thesis
stein, notes from a talk of vasiu on points of integral canonical models of shimura varieites of preabelian type (11/97)
stein, notes from abc conjecture workshop, tucson, march 1998
stein, notes from my talk on tate-shafarevich groups of elliptic curves, spring 1997
stein, notes from my talk on the main conjecture of iwasawa theory, spring 1997
stein, notes from the newton institute, rational points, march 1998
stein, notes of a talk by lawren smithline on divided power structures for coleman's 274 course, fall 97
stein, notes on genus one curves of prespecified index
stein, notes on jacobians of genus one curves, worked out in belgium, summer 97, good thing to write up
stein, notes on one of darmon's berkeley talk on p-adic l-functions, april 1996. 
stein, notes on ribet's paper on a modular construction of unramified p-extensions of q(mu_p), student arithmetic geometry seminar, fall 97
stein, notes on serre's galois cohomology
stein, notes on sharpness
stein, parity structures, a letter to david moulton about some elementary combinatorial idea which could be something.
stein, qual review book, fall 97
stein, qual review sheets
stein, reading notes and pages of handy facts (quick reference cards)
stein, some doodles about weil pairings, fall 97, good start for something to write up
stein, source code from my eichler-selberg trace formula program, march 1998
stein, stuff i thought about at nau
stein, the math book, summer 97
stein, the symmetric powers of a curve, 10/97
stein, yellow pad of doodles and notes, fall 97.
stevenhagen, lenstra, chebotarev and his density theorem
stoppie, notes on the eichler-selberg trace formula following zagier's method (unpublished and a bit secret)
swan, zero cycles on quadric hypersurfaces
swinnerton-dyer, applications of algebraic geometry to number theory
swinnerton-dyer, arithmetic of diagonal quartic surfaces, II (newton institute preprint)
swinnerton-dyer, on l-adic representations and congruences for coefficients of modular forms
swinnerton-dyer, rational points on certain intersections of two quadrics
swinnerton-dyer, rational points on pencils of conics and on pencils of quadrics
ta notes, math 54, with lenstra
tankeev, on weights of l-adic representations
tanner, wagstaff, new congruences for the bernoulli numbers
tate, duality theorems in galois cohomology over number fields
tate, endomorphisms of abelian varieties over finite fields
tate, galois cohomology of abelian varieties over p-adic fields
tate, p-divisible groups, from proceedings of a conference on local fields, 1966
tate, rigid analytic spaces
tate, rigid analytic spaces
tate, the arithmetic of elliptic curves
tate, voloch, linear forms in p-adic roots of unity
tate, wc-groups over p-adic fields
taylor, in harvard magazine, exclusive interview with richard taylor
taylor, l-adic representations associated to modular forms over imaginary quadatic fields. II
taylor, representations of galois groups associated to modular forms
thomas, vasquez, a family of elliptic curves and cyclic cubic field extensions
ulmer, l-function of universal elliptic curves over igusa curves
van den bergh, the algebraic index of a division algebra
van der geer, van der vlugt, how to construct curves over finite fields with many points
van der poorten, some wonderful formulas... an introduction to polylogarithms
vasiu, points of integral canonical models of shimura varieties of preabelian type and the langlands-rapoport conjture, part I
vojta, notes for his book on arithmetic varieties
voloch, diagonal equations over function fields
voloch, diophantine approximation on abelian varieties in characteristic p
voloch, diophantine gometry in characteristic p: a survey
voloch, primitive points on constant elliptic curves over function fields
wada, a table of hecke operators. II
washington, chapter 15 of cyclotomic fields. the main conjecture and annihiliation of class groups
weil, on algebraic groups and homogeneous spaces
wetherell, bounding the number of rational points through the arithmetic of covers
wetherell, long letter to me about how to find the special fiber of the neron model of an an elliptic curve
wetherell, ph.d. thesis, bounding the number of rational points on certain curves of high rank
wiles, bibliography
wiles, modular curves and the class group of q(zeta_p)
wiles, modular forms, elliptic curves, and fermat's last theorem
wingberg, on the etal k-theory of an elliptic curve with complex multiplication for regular primes
xing, on supersingular abelian varieties of dimension two over finite fields
yates, sinkers of the titanics (a short paper on primality and factoring)
yoshida, abelian varieties with complex multiplication and representations of the weil group
zagier, modular points, modular curves, modular surfaces and modular forms
zajta, on the solution of the diophantine equation A^3+B^3+C^3+D^3=0
zhu, ph.d. thesis, supersingular abelian varieties over finite fields