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Author: William A. Stein
The Modular Forms Explorer

The Modular Forms Explorer

Down due to accidental upgrade of PostgreSQL and lack of backwards compatibility. (I dislike this about PostgreSQL!) You should try the ZOPE modular forms database instead.

William Stein

(Part of The Modular Forms Database)

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  • John Cremona: lots of data about elliptic curves of conductor <= 12000. (Thus much of the data in this database about elliptic curves of conductor <= 12000 comes from Cremona's database, so don't consider this data an independent check on Cremona's data.)
  • A. Brumer and O. McGuiness: piles of data about elliptic curves of prime conductor.
  • Steven Galbraith: Some models for modular curves

Helpful comments (in alphabetical order)

  • Francois Brunault: about what should be defined in glossary; spurious newforms at low level.
  • Dimitar Jetchev: many discussions about how and what to implement in HTML. Major affect on design and implementation of new May 2003 version of explorer. Anomalous j-invariants.
  • David Yeung: suggestions about design and what to compute (e.g., charpolys for newforms); finding bugs
  • Dorian Goldfeld for pointing out an error.
If I neglected to acknowledge your contribution, it was unintentional: Send me an email at [email protected].

Computational support

  • MECCAH (grant from Harvard and gift from William Hearst III)
  • Neron (grant from Sun Microsystems)
  • Some help from Blair Kelly III at NSA.