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\name{William A.~Stein}
\signature{William Stein}
\location{1075 Evans}
\telephone{(510)643-0893 (office), \,\,\,(510)883-9938 (home)}
William A.~Stein\\
2041 Francisco Street, \#14\\
Berkeley, CA  94709}

\signature{William A.~Stein}



\opening{Dear Application Committee:}

I wish to apply for a [job]
My application, curriculum vitae, list of abstracts,
and statement of future research plans are enclosed.
I have arranged for \nobreak{letters} of recommendation from 
 K.~Buzzard, R.~Coleman, H.~Lenstra, B.~Mazur, L.~Merel, 
and K.~Ribet to be sent separately.

I am a graduate student at the University of California at
Berkeley and expect to receive my Ph.D.\  degree in May 2000 from
the Department of Mathematics. Under the
guidance of Professor Hendrik W.~Lenstra, I am currently writing my
dissertation which is entitled {\em Explicit approaches to modular
abelian varieties}.  My interests are in the 
areas of number theory, modular forms, special values of 
$L$-functions, Galois representations, and algorithms.  
I have had frequent conversations with [...].

In my dissertation work, I develop methods for
explicitly working with modular forms and abelian 
varieties,  and then apply my results to study Mazur's notion
of visibility of Shafarevich-Tate groups in connection with the
Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture.  
In addition, I give new examples of modular icosahedral Galois 
representations, and have developed  a package of modular forms software. 

I have four years of teaching experience, and have given many
seminar talks.  I have taught three courses
in the areas of Discrete Mathematics and College Algebra, and 
served as a teaching assistant for Calculus
and Linear Algebra courses as well as for a graduate level 
course at the IAS/Park City conference.
I wrote educational {\sc Matlab} software as part of
an NSF sponsored curriculum development effort.

I am very committed to pursuing a  research 
career in academia, and look forward
to hearing from you regarding my application. If you have any
further questions, please  send email to 
{\sf} or call me at 510-883-9938.
Thank you for your time and consideration.