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Author: William A. Stein
The Graduate Student Research Colloquium

The Graduate Student Research Colloquium

Organizer: William Stein
Wednesday 1-2pm in AP&;M 7218
Everyone welcome, including faculty and undergraduates!

2005-11-30 Caleb Emmons Special values of Artin L-functions at s=0 and Stark's conjecture.
2005-11-16 Amanda Beeson Multimodular Linear Algebra
2005-11-09 Barry Smith Integrality properties of the special value of partial zeta functions of certain abelian field extensions
2005-11-02 Steve Butler A hypercube approach to a hats guessing game
2005-10-26 Lei Wu Eigenvalues of random matrices
2005-10-19 Ross Richardson The sigma function of a graph
2005-10-12 Gregg Musiker Combinatorial aspects of hyperelliptic curves