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<a href="../index.html">William Stein's</a> Teaching

<h3 class=center>Current</h3>
<li><title>William A. Stein's Homepage</title>

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	 <a href="/pics/new/">
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	 Me at Jefferson Skatepark
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	 Our new vert ramp in Seattle

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	    Barry Mazur and I

		<h2>William Stein</h2>
		<h4>Professor of Mathematics</h4>
		<span class="color:#444">I do number theory, create software, and skateboard.</span><br><br>
		<a href="">University of Washington</a><br>
		Office:&nbsp; 423 Padelford<br>
		Office Phone: 206-543-1916<br>
		Office Hours: Tuesday 12:30-2:00<br>
		Fax: 206-543-0397<br>                		
		Email: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><br>
                <a href="/cv/cv.pdf">CV</a>

	<div class="well">
		<a href="">The SageMath Cloud Server</a><br>
		<a href="">Math 480: Sage</a><br>
		<a href="">Math 308: Linear Algebra</a><br>

		<h3 class=center>Past</h3>
<li> <a href="/edu/2012/ant/">Math 581e: Algebraic Number Theory (Fall 2012)</a></li>
<li>      <a href="">Math 1062: Sage</a></li>
 <li>     <a href="">Math 480/582: Sage</a></li>
<li>   <a href="">Math 581g: Lectures on Modular Forms and Hecke Operators</a></li>
<li>      <a href="">Summer 2011 REU on Elliptic Curves</a></li>
<li>      <a href="">Math 480a: Sage -- Free Open Source Mathematical Software</a></li>
<li>   <a href="">Math 581b: Algebraic number theory graduate course</a> </li>
<li>      <a href="">Math 581d: Computer Programming for Pure Mathematicians</a></li>
<li>  <a href="">2010 Math 480: Computer Programming for the Working Mathematician</a></li>
<li>      <a href="/edu/2010/582e/">2010 Math 582e: Galois Cohomology</a></li>
<li>      <a href="/edu/2010/414/">2010 Math 414: Number Theory</a></li>
<li>      <a href="">2009 Math 480b: Sage - Open Source Mathematical Software</a></li>
<li>      <a href="">2009 Math 583e: Computational Number Theory (part 2)</a></li>
<li>      <a href="">2009 Math 582e: Computational Number Theory (part 1)</a></li>
 <li>     <a href="">SIMUW 2008: Financial Time Series, Multifractals and Hidden Markov Models</a>
  <li>      <a href="">2008 Math 480a: Sage -- Open Source Mathematical Software</a>
  <li>      <a href="">2007 Math 581F: Algebraic Number Theory</a>

         <li>      <a href="/edu/2007/simuw07/index.html">SIMUW 2007: The Riemann Hypothesis<br>
     <li>      <a href="/edu/2007/spring/ent">2007 Course: Elementary Number Theory</a>
     <li>      <a href="/edu/2007/spring/bsd">2007 Course: The Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture</a></li>
     <li>      2006 Course: Elliptic Curve Reading Course</li>
     <li>     <a href="/msri06">2006 MSRI Summer Graduate Workshop on Computing with Modular Forms</a></li>
     <li>  <a href="/simuw06">2006 SIMUW 2006: The Congruent Number Problem</a></li>

<li> 2006 Math 583: <a href="../edu/2006/spring/583">Computing with Modular Forms</a>,
          UW, Spring 2006.</li>
<li> 2006 Math 20b: <a href="../edu/winter06/20b">Calculus for Scientists and Engineers</a>,
UCSD, Winter 2006.</li>
<li> Math 168: <a href="../edu/fall05/168/">Explicit Approaches to Elliptic Curves 
and Modular Forms</a>, UCSD, Fall 2005.</li>
<li>Math 129: <a href="/129-05">Algebraic Number Theory</a>, Harvard, Spring 2005.</li>
<li>Freshman Seminar 24g: <a href="/edu/2004/24g/">Freshman 
Seminar on Fermat's Last Theorem</a>, Harvard, Fall 2004.</li>
<li>Math 257: <a href="">Computing 
with modular forms</a> (graduate course), Harvard, Fall 2004.</li>
<li><a href="../edu/Spring2004/129">Math 129: Undergraduate Algebraic Number Theory</a>, Harvard, Spring 2004 </li>
<li><a href="/edu/Fall2003/252">Modular Abelian Varieties (Math 252)</a> at Harvard, Fall 2003
  (<a href="../edu/Fall2003/252/final_project">student	projects</a>)	  </li>

<li><a href="/edu/Spring2003/21n">Freshman Seminar on Elliptic Curves</a> at Harvard, Spring 2003</li>

		  <li> <a href="/edu/Fall2002/124">Elementary Number Theory (Math 124)</a> at Harvard, Fall 2002</li>

<li> <a href="/edu/Spring2002/21b">Linear Algebra (Math 21b)</a> at Harvard, Spring 2002</li>

<li> <a href="/edu/Fall2001/124">Elementary Number Theory (Math 124)</a> at Harvard, Fall 2001</li>

<li> <a href="/edu/Fall2001/21b">Linear Algebra (Math 21b)</a> at Harvard, Fall 2001</li>

<li> Many calculus and linear algebra discussion sections at Berkeley, 1995-1998.</li>

		  <li>Discrete Mathematics (Math 55) at <a href="">Berkeley</a>, Summer 1998</li>
		  <li>Discrete Mathematics at <a href="">Northern Arizona University</a>, Spring 1995</li>
		  <li>College Algebra at <a href="">Northern Arizona University</a>, Fall 1994</li>