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According to the Copyright section of
<a href="">this page</a>,
"The Author will be asked, upon acceptance of an article, to transfer
copyright to the publisher."  
As a friend discovered: 
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To my surprise, I got a brief email from them today, saying "if you
want to put your paper on the internet then why do you want to publish
your paper in a journal" ! I wrote back with the obvious reply "The
internet is not refereed; it looks much better if I publish my papers in
journals, but it's much more convenient for a 'mathematician on the
street' if I publish my paper on my web page too; to be honest, if you
insist on taking away my rights to publish the paper on my web page then
I will strongly consider publishing elsewhere". They wrote back to me
saying essentially "I think it is sad that you are not seeing things from
the publishers point of view. Consider what you are doing and get back to