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Author: William A. Stein
Compute Environment: Ubuntu 18.04 (Deprecated)

Computer LINK

On December 7, 1998 I brought my laptop to Computer LINK. Before entering I photgraphed the sign on the window which explicitely says that they service NEC notebooks and that they have a 90 WARRANTY, contrary to what it says on the receipt they gave me when I brough my machine in on July 7 (pictures to appear on this web page later).

Today was at least the 5th time I've brought the notebook in. Each previous time they have attempted to repair the machine but it has FAILED AFTER A FEW DAYS USE.

Upon bringing the machine in I told the technician, Sonny Wong, that the cooling fan doesn't turn on after the machine boots. He responded that he had been told by the contractor, who had serviced my notebook, that the machine had been modified so that it would always be on. I was never told of this. Nevertheless, Mr. Wong refused to take my laptop into service or acknowledge any responsibility for the problem.

The following letter outlining my difficulties.

December 9, 1998
William A. Stein
2041 Francisco Street, Apt. 14
Berkeley, CA  94709
(510) 883-9938
[email protected]

Pearson Huang
2324 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA  94709

Dear Pearson:

On July 6, 1998 I brought in a broken NEC Versa 2730MT laptop for
diagnostic and possible repair (receipt #000517).  One month later I
was informed that the laptop did not work because the cache on the
motherboard was damaged.  I agreed to pay $350 in order to have the
cache replaced.  After paying $350 I was able to pick up the laptop on
August 12, 1998.

Unfortunately, your company's service was inadequate because the
original problem began to reappear shortly after I picked up the
computer.  I returned the laptop at the beginning of September, 1998
in order to have it fixed under the stated 30 day warranty.  (Note,
the sign on the window at that time clearly stated that there is a 90
day warranty.)  I picked up the laptop again on September 28, 1998,
only to find that the backlight no longer worked.  This was quickly
repaired (receipt # 000749) and on October 12, 1998, the laptop was
again ready for me to pick up.  I was disappointed because, within a
few days, the laptop began to fail in the same way as before.  I thus
brought it back in again.  I waited until it was ready and picked it
up on November 18, 1998.  By November 20, 1998 it had again begun to
fail.  I have waited until December 7 in the hopes that the problem
would resolve itself.  Instead the laptop has completely stopped

After six months and $350, the laptop works no better today than it
did on July 6, 1998 when I originally brought it in.

I am not a technician and I do not know what is wrong with the laptop.
When I paid $350 to have it repaired it was under the understanding
that the problem with the laptop would be fixed.  Clearly the
technician to whom you contracted the problem has misdiagnosed it,
perhaps noticing only a sympton (the motherboard cache problem) but
not the real cause.  Perhaps there is a problem with the cooling
system?  I never notice the cooling fan turn on after the system boots
up, as I think it might once have done.  This might also explain the
screen backlight burning out.

On December 7, 1998 I was told by Sonny Wong that the cooling fan was
supposed to run at all times.

To resolve the problem, I would appreciate either a charge card credit
of $350, or the prompt repair of my laptop.  I do not think I should
have to pay the diagnostic fee because the diagnostic was clearly
incorrect and of no value.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem, and will
wait until January 1, 1999 before seeking assistance from the Better
Business Bureau.


William A. Stein