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MSRI, model theory of fields notes
Wiener, i am a mathematician (autobio)
ahlfors, complex analysis
alexandroff, elementary concepts of topology
alperin, local representation theory
ams, chaos and fractals, the mathematics behind the computer graphics
ams, mathematical developments arising from hilber problems, vols. 1, 2. [katz, deligne's proof, tate, generalized reciprocity, 10th problem, o'meara on quadratic forms, langlands, pfister, 
ams, proceedings of the international congress of mathematics, 1950, maclane, cohomology theory of abelian groups, artin, modern devel. of numb. theory, zariski, weil
andrews, number theory
arcata, algebraic geometry, 1974, ams, [30 page paper of mazur on eigenvalues of Frob., berthelot, slopes of frob in crystalline cohomology, illusie, report on crystalline cohomology, katz, p-adic l-functions, ribet.
artin, algebraic numbers and functions
artin, algebraic spaces
artin, elements of algebraic geometry
artin, galois theory
artin, tate, class field theory
atiyah, macdonald, commutative algebra
batut, user's guide to pari-gp,
bergmann, an invitation to general algebra and universal constructions
birkhoff, maclane, a survey of modern algebra
birkhoff, rota, ordinary differential equations,
borevich, shavarevich, number theory
borisenko, vector and tensor analysis
born, einstein's theory of relativity
bosch, l-, raynaud, neron models
bourbake, commutative algebra
bourbaki, algebra IV--VII
bourbaki, algebra commutative ch. 5 and 6,
bourgin, modern algebraic topology
brown, buildings
brown, cohomology of groups
buhler, gauss: a biographical study
burrow, representation theory of finite groups
burton, elmentary number theory
cameron, rosenblatt, and raymond, learning gnu emacs, 2nd edition
cassels, diophantine equations
cassels, frohlich, algebraic number theory
cassels, lectures on elliptic curves
cassels, lectures on elliptic curves (kevin's notes)
cassels, local fields
chernoff, lectures on toplogy and analysis
chevalley, fondemente de la geometrie algebraique
coats, yau, elliptic curves, modular forms, and fermat's last theorem
cohen, a course in computational algebraic number theory
cohn, a classical invitation to algebraic numbers and class fields
cohn, advanced number theory
cohn, conformal mapping on riemann surfaces
cohn, introduction to the construction of class fields
comer, internetworking with tcp/ip
conway, a course in functional analysis
cornell, silverman, arithmetic geometry
cornell, silverman, stevens, modular forms and fermat's last theorem
courant and robins, what is mathematics?
cremona, algorithms for modular elliptic curves (editions i and ii)
cremonese, questions on algebraic varieties
curtis, linear algebra
curtis, reiner, representation theory of finite groups
danilov, cohomology of abelian varieties,
demazure, lectures on p-divisible groups
descarte, selections
dieudonne, algebraic geometry
dieudonne, history of algebraic geometry
doob, measure theory
doob, tex: starting from square 1
edgar, measure topology and fractal geometry
eisenbud, commutative algebra with a view toward algebraic geometry
euclid, elements
faith, algebra: rings, modules, and categories I
faltings, lectures on the airthmetic riemann-roch theorem
farkas, kra, riemann surfaces
fary, transformation groups,
flanagan, java in a nutshell, o'reilly book.
flanders, differential forms with applications to the physical sciences
foley, van dam, fundamentals of computer graphics
fox, spencer, and tucker, algebraic geometry and topology, chow, on projective embeddings, rosenlicht, commutative algebraic group varieties, weil , projective embeddings
frohlich, taylor, algebraic number theory
fulton, algebraic curves
fulton, harris, representation theory
fulton, introduction to toric varieties
gallian, contemporary abstract algebra
gaughan, introduction to analysis
goldberg, curvature and homology
goossens, mittelbach, samarin, the latex companion
gouveau, p-adic numbers
greenberg, harper, algebraic topology, a first course
griffiths and harris, principles of algebraic geometry
griffiths, an introduction to the theory of special divisors on algebraic curves
grothendieck, elements de geometrie algebraique, IV, etude locale des schemas, et des morphisms de schemas
hall, the theory of groups
halmos, naive set theory
hancock, foundations of the theory of algebraic numbers, vol II, 1932, VERY classical
harris, algebraic geometry
hartshorne, algebraic geometry
hartshorne, notes from 253, homological algebra
hartshorne, on the de rham cohomology of algebraic varieties
henle, a combinatorial introduction to topology
higham, handbook of writing for the mathematical sciences
hilton, a course in modern algebra
hirschman, studies in real and complex analysis
hirzebruch, neue topologische methoden in der algebraischen geometirie
hocking, young, topology
hofstadter, godel, escher, bach: an eternal golden braid
hu, homotopy theory
hughes, deisgn theory
humphreys, introduction to lie algebras and representation theory
humphreys, linear algebraic groups
hungerford, algebra
husemoller, elliptic curves
husemoller, fibre bundles
igusa, algebraic analysis, geometry, and number theory: first JAMI conference
ihes, pub no 46
infeld, whom the gods love, bio. of galois, gift from hendrik
ireland, rosen, a classical introduction to modern number theory
isaacs, character theory of finite groups
jacobson, lie algebras
jans, rings and homology
kaplansky, commutative rings
kempf, abelian integrals
khurgin, did you say mathematics
kientzle, how to get a Ph.D. in mathematics at u.c. berkeley
kirch, linux network administrators guide
kirwan, complex algebraic curves
kline, calculus parts I and II.
knapp, elliptic curves
knopp, problem book I, in the theory of functions
knuth, the art of computer programming, vol 1, basics, linked structures
knuth, the texbook
koblitz, a course in number theory and cryptography
koblitz, introduction to elliptic curves and modular forms
koblitz, p-adic number, p-adic analysis, and zeta-functions
koch, number theory II,
kunz, introduction to commutative algebra and algebraic geometry
lamport, latex, a document preparation system
lang, algebra (second edition, with the infamous remark about maclane's book on homological algebra)
lang, algebra, third edition
lang, algebraic number theory
lang, complex analysis
lang, complex multiplication
lang, cyclotomic fields I and II
lang, differential and riemanninan manifolds
lang, differential manifolds (old edition)
lang, elliptic functions
lang, introduction to algebraic and abelian functions  (2 copies)
lang, introduction to arakelov theory
lang, introduction to modular forms
lang, linear algebra
lang, some papers on algebraic geometry that he gave me in case i wanted to "rewrite hartshorne". 
lang, stuff to add to diff. and riem. manifolds
lang, the beauty of doing mathematics: three public dialogues
lang, the scheer campaign,  a book on a political campaign in berkeley in the 60's. 
lang, topics in cohomology of groups
lawden, an introduction to tensor calculus
lemay, perkins, teach yourslef java 1.1 in 21 days
lenstra, algebraic number theory notes
linderholm, mathematics made difficult (!!)
lorenzini, an invitation to arithmetic geometry
loukides, oram, programming with GNU software, O'reilly book
lovelock, rund, tensors, differential forms, and variational principles
macdonald, introduction to schemes
maclane, categories for the working mathematician
maclane, homology
magnus, karrass, solitar, combinatorial group theory: presentations of groups in terms of generators and relations
mal'cev, foundations of linear algebra
manin, cubic forms
manin, panchishkin, number theory i, problems tricks, ideas, theories, modular forms, langlands, artin conjecture -- very summarial
marcus, number fields
marsden, hoffman, basic complex analysis
matsumura, commutative ring theory
may, lectures on calculus
mazur, modular curves and eisenstein ideal
mazur, stevens, p-adic monodromy and BSD, conference at Boston U
mazur, wiles, class fields of abelian extensions of Q
mccarthy, algebriac extensions of fields
mccoy, the theory of rings
milne, arithmetic duality theorems
milne, elliptic curves (and lots of other things)
milne, etale cohomology
milne, fields and galois theory
milne, group theory
mitchell, theory of categories,
miyake, modular forms
mordell, diophantine equations,
mordell, reflections of a mathematician
moreno, algebraic curves over finite fields
mumford, curves and their jacobians
mumford, the red book of varieties and schemes
munkres, topology
murty, introduction to abelian varieties
murty, seminar on FLT (contains the excellent diamond-im article)
nagata, polynomial rings and affine spaces
neukirch, class field theory
nikol'skii, anlysis III, spaces of differentiable functions
o'meara, introduction to quadratic forms
oort, commutative group schemes
osgood, mechanics
patterson, an introduction to the theory of the riemann-zeta function
petzold, yao, programming windows 95
pinsky, partial differential equations and boundary-value problems with applications
pollard, the theory of algebraic numbers
powell, higman, finite simple groups, 1971,  (cassels-frohlich of f.s.g's)
protter, morrey, a first course in real analysis
redhat linux users guide (v 4.2)
ribenboim, rings and modules
rotman, an introduction to algebraic topology
royden, real analysis
saaty, lectures on modern mathematics
samel, corps de fonctiones algebrique
schey, div, grad, curl, and all that
segre, arithmetical questions on algebraic varieties
seminaire cartan-chevalley, geometrie algebraique
seminaire chevalley 2, 1958, anneux de chow et applications
serre, a course in arithmetic
serre, abelian l-adic representations
serre, algebraic groups and class fields
serre, cohomologie galoisienne
serre, complex semisimple lie algebras
serre, group cohomology
serre, linear representations of finite groups
serre, local fields
serre, topics in galois theory
shatz, moduli spaces
shatz, profinite groups, arithmetic, and geometry
shimura, introduction to the arithmetic theory of automorphic functions
silverman, advanced topics in the arithmetic of elliptic curves
silverman, introduction to diophantine geometry (preliminary draft)
silverman, tate, rational points on elliptic curves
silverman, the arithmetic of elliptic curves
sobolev, partial differetial equations of mathematical physics
soule, abramovich, burnol, kramer, lecture on arakelov geometry
stein, danger of droids  (a sci-fi book written by yours truly when i was 10)
stevens, arithmetic on modular curves (ph.d. thesis)
stillwell, mathematics and its history
stroustrup, the c++ programming language
struick, a concise history of mathematics
tamme, introduction to etale cohomology
thompson, 3d graphics programming for windows 95
van der waerden, modern algebra vol 1
van der waerden, modern algebra vol 2
wall, a geometric introduction to topology (hard cover, whoops!)
wall, a geometric introduction to topology (paper back)
walsh, making tex work
waterhouse, introduction to affine group schemes
weibel, an introduction to homological algebra
weil, adeles and algebraic groups
weil, basic number theory
weil, collected papers, volumes I,II,III (thanks Nghi!!!)
welsh, kaufman, running linux
welsh, matroid theory
wiles, annals of math, proof of flt
wolfram, mathematica, 2nd edition
yokonuma, tensor spaces and exterior algebra
zariski, algebraic surfaces
zariski, introduction to the problem of minial models in the theory of algebraic surfaces
zariski-samuel, commutative algebra, vol's 1 and 2.