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<title>Hecke Operators Calculator</title>
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<h1>HECKE:  The Modular Forms Calculator   </h1> 
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HECKE is a program I wrote for computing with modular forms.
It can be used to compute basis of q-expansions and hecke
operators on fairly general spaces of modular forms.

<li> Hecke has just (August 12, 1999) been ported 
to run under Magma.  Click <a href="magma/hecke.html">here</a>
for more details. 
<li> <a href="hecke.dvi">HECKE?</a> To get oriented and see what
HECKE does look at the short tutorial: &nbsp
 <a href=""></a>, <a href="hecke.dvi">hecke.dvi</a>.

<li> <a href="LIDIA_PRIMES.gz">Primes database</a>: uses some of the LiDIA arithmetic, so 
you should download the table 
<a href="LIDIA_PRIMES.gz">LIDIA_PRIMES.gz</a>
of LiDIA primes and gunzip it. 

<li> <a href="hecke-july99.gz">LINUX executable</a>: 
Download <a href="hecke-july99.gz">hecke-july99.gz</a> (3MB),
type "gunzip hecke-july99.gz", then "chmod +x hecke", and 
finally "hecke" to run. 

<li> <a href="hecke.SUN.gz">SPARC Ultra executable</a>: Thanks to
<a href="mailto:[email protected]">Ami Fischman</a> of UCLA we now
have a Sun (SPARC ultra) executable.<br> 
Download <a href="hecke.SUN.gz">hecke.SUN.gz</a> (2.3MB),
type "gunzip hecke.SUN.gz", then "chmod +x hecke.SUN", and 
finally "hecke.SUN" to run.   
<!-- Alternatively, go to Ami's 
<a href="">
web page</a> for a possibly newer version.  -->
However, for now there are some 
<a href="HECKE.SUNcaveats.html"> caveats</a>.
<li> <a href="hecke-july99-src.tgz">C++ source code</a>:
<a href="hecke-july99-src.tgz">hecke-july99-src.tgz</a>.
Extract this file by typing gunzip hecke-july99-src.tgz
followed by
   "tar -xvf hecke-july99-src.tgz".
Look at the readme file. 



Some "<a href="screenshot.html">screen shots</a>". 
<a href="index.html">Modular Forms Database</a>

<font size=2>Contact me at
<a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>.
<br> <br>