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Author: William A. Stein
HECKE: Modular forms calculator for MAGMA - instructions

HECKE: Modular forms calculator for MAGMA - instructions

William A. Stein

Decompress hecke-magma.tgz using e.g., gunzip hecke-magma.tgz and then tar -xvf hecke-magma.tar. This creates a directory called hecke-magma. Inside of this directory you'll find several subdirectories and a spec file. The subdirectory hecke contains the MAGMA program hecke.m for modular symbols. The hecke directory also contains a doc subdirectory. The subdirectory kohel contains some programs that are used by HECKE in computing component groups. The spec file tells MAGMA how to automatically load the right files. If you don't already have a spec file, set the environment variable MAGMA_USER_SPEC to point to the spec file, otherwise add spec to your current spec file.

Once you've installed HECKE, you should work through the tutorial.